How to replace the flat design icon set for Mac OS X

Flat design is pretty much chosen by many people today and gradually becomes a new trend. For Mac OS X users, you can also install and use flat design with simple steps.

If you are using a flat design on Facebook, it will be easier and simpler to design than the traditional design. So do you try to put this flat design on Mac OS X? In this article, we will guide you to change the entire icon on Mac OS X to a simple flat design.

Note those who use OS X 10.11 EI Captain, if using OS X lower, skip the following steps:

With OS X 10.11 EI Captain, Apple has integrated SIP (System Integrity Protection) with the feature to prevent users from changing the system icon on the device. So we need to turn this feature off to replace the icon for the application. However, when replacing the 3rd party icon, it is not necessary to follow the steps below:

  1. Step 1: Restart the device and press Command + R until the Apple logo appears.
  2. Step 2: Select Utilities and open Termial.
  3. Step 3: Type the csrutil disable keyword.
  4. Step 4: Type the keyword reboot to restart the computer.

After completing the icon change on the machine, use the csrutil enable command to enable SIP again.

How to replace flat design icon on OS X

Step 1:

To change the flat interface icon for Mac OS X, first download the following 2 links:

  1. Download Flat OS X icon set
  2. Download LiteIcon application to replace the icon

Step 2:

Next, we proceed to extract the above 2 files after downloading to the machine.Open the ICNS folder containing icons instead.

How to replace the flat design icon set for Mac OS X Picture 1

Step 3:

We open the LiteIcon application and drag the ICNS icon into LiteIcon to replace it in bulk. Click Apply Changes to save.

How to replace the flat design icon set for Mac OS X Picture 2

Get the icon from the ICNS folder and drop it into LiteIcon application to replace it simultaneously

Or if you want to change the icon of each application , right-click the application that wants to change the icon, select Get Info . Then also perform the drag and drop ICNS file to the icon of the application you want to change as above to change.

How to replace the flat design icon set for Mac OS X Picture 3

Thus, we can change the flat interface for the whole icon or optionally change each icon, with simple operations. You have complete peace of mind to change because the speed of starting machine will not be affected. Try to experience the flat interface on OS X with the above tutorial.

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I wish you all success!