Download Torrent files easily with Coc Coc web browser

Instructions for downloading Torrent files by web browser Coc Coc with 1 click, downloading Torrent files has never been so simple, fast and secure ..

Coc Coc Web Browser - Powered by Vietnam. Surely you are too familiar with this web browser, right, since it was developed in Vietnam, it can be said that this is the best web browser for Vietnamese users.

They understand the psychology of users, they know what web surfers need and they hit the mentality of a large number of popular users. We can consider Coc Coc as an All - In - One product which is well built and well invested.

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Specifically, they have integrated the following products into their browsers:

  1. Support to increase download speed - This feature can replace IDM software, automatically recover when download fails.
  2. Access to Facebook when blocked - You don't need Fake IP or change host file.
  3. Automatically start downloading music links to MP3, Mp4 . - Replace other downloaders.
  4. Automatically add Vietnamese accents, type Vietnamese accents, check spelling errors.- Unikey can be replaced.
  5. Support download .Torrent files with 1 click - New feature supports on Coc Coc

Yes! There are so many outstanding advantages compared to other web browsers, because they already understand Vietnamese people's psychology, and I believe that with such growth, it will not be long before Coc Coc web browser will dominate. market in Vietnam in terms of web browsing.

Returning to the main topic in today's article, I would like to introduce to you a very great new feature added to Coc Coc browser that supports downloading .Torrent files with just 1 click and only. on Coc Coc.

Actually, there are a lot of tools to help you download .Torrent files, but to talk about the best support software and have the most number of users, it is necessary to mention two brothers uTorrent and Bittorrent.

But it is a pity that this pair of Torrent download support tools were involved in a Scandal scandal that caused a stir in the online community in March that the software duo secretly installed Epic Scales Bitcoin plow software user computer, this is consuming RAM and overloading your computer's CPU.

How to download Torrent files by Coc Coc

Using it is very simple, as long as you click on the Torrent link, Coc Coc will automatically download it like other popular link formats, for example go to this page to download it (there are Torrent files in the download section. .)

Or you can go to the Torrent download manager by clicking the DOWNLOAD icon in the top right corner of the browser. Here, you can manually add Torrent files, pause downloads, delete downloaded files .

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In addition, you can also set the download speed and upload speed of Torrent files simply and quickly.

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In general, this is a great feature on Coc Coc, you will not need to install any additional support software.