Disable / Enable the 'Welcome' screen of Windows XP

What if you want to change the login way of your computer, can you disable or enable Welcome Screen?

Disable / Enable the 'Welcome' screen of Windows XP Picture 1 Network Administration - Windows XP provides users with several ways to log on to the system. You can use either the traditional (traditional) or classic (classic) method by typing in the username and password to log in or you can use what is called Welcome Screen to login.

What if you want to change the login way of your computer, can you disable or enable Welcome Screen?

The Welcome Screen of Windows XP comes with another feature called "Fast User Switching". This feature allows users to leave all his programs still running if another user needs to use the computer. The first user to log in to the session and Switch User switches back to the welcome screen so that other users can use the computer. When the second user has done their job, the first user can switch back to his profile with all the programs being run when he transfers the device to another user. To use this feature, you must use the Welcome Screen. However, if you don't need this feature, follow the instructions below to remove the Welcome Screen.

How to remove the welcome screen

If you do not want to use the "Fast User Switching" feature, you can disable the Welcome Screen. To do so, you must log on to the computer as an 'Administrator' administrator. Note: To do that, you need to follow the instructions below:

- Click Start

- Click Control Panel

- Double-click User Accounts

- Click "Change the way users log on or off"

- Uncheck " U se the Welcome Screen " (note: this will disable the "Fast User Switching" feature)

- Click Apply Options

- Close the User Accounts window and Control Panel

- After restarting the computer, the login prompt of classic type will take effect.

If you do not want to have either a welcome screen or a classic style reminder, disable both

To log in automatically to a user account, follow the instructions below:

- Click Run

- Type the command below and click OK

control userpasswords2

- Select the user you want to log in automatically, then cancel the check box

" Users cần nhập một tên người dùng và mật khẩu để dùng máy tính này "

- Click Apply then you will be asked to verify the username and password to log in automatically

- Click OK and restart the computer, you will automatically be logged in without any prompt or welcome screen.

Can this utility be used instead of doing it?

You can download a utility for Windows XP called TweakUI, which will allow you to change your Windows login, along with allowing you to change many other features.

Download TweakUI for Windows XP from the Microsoft Windows Powertoys at:


Another problem with the welcome screen

If you recently installed the Netgear WG111 wireless network adapter USB, you probably won't be able to activate the welcome screen or Fast User Switching, then see how to fix the problem below:

After installing the Netgear WG111 USB wireless network card, some people saw a change in the options of the Windows XP welcome screen and displayed a classic login prompt.

Before installing the Netgear WG111 adapter, the welcome screen will show individual users and you can click on the corresponding user to log in.

The error caused by this problem is that the Welcome Screen and Fast User Switching components are disabled, you can detect that by going to Control Panel and User Accounts. The root cause of that problem is the WG111 software's RtlGina2.dll file that has replaced the log file and caused the above problems.

Doug Knox, a Microsoft expert, wrote a program to re-create the registry to use the standard Windows GINA DLL file and return the use of the welcome screen to Windows XP.

You can enter Doug Knox's address according to the URL below and download the file you need to your hard drive, then run this file to reset the registry and fix your problem. After running the file, restart your computer.