What file is M4A? How to open, edit and convert M4A files

The file is part of an extension .M4A is an MPEG-4 audio file. They are usually found in Apple's iTunes Store and are considered as the default format of songs when downloaded.

The file is part of an extension .M4A is an MPEG-4 audio file.They are usually found in Apple's iTunes Store and are considered as the default format of songs when downloaded.

Many M4A files are encoded with Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) codecs to reduce the file size.In addition, some M4A files can instead use Apple's Codec Audio Lossless (ALAC).

If you are downloading a protected copy (copy protected) song through the iTunes Store, it will be saved to the computer with the file extension of M4P.

Note: In essence, M4A files are similar to MPEG-4 video files (MP4) because they both use MPEG-4 container format.However, unlike MPEG-4, M4A files can only contain audio data.

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How to open an M4A file

There are many programs that support playback of popular M4A files, including iTunes, QuickTime, Windows Media Player (v11 requires K-Lite Codec Pack), VLC, Media Player Classic, Winamp and some applications. use other media players.

Android tablets and phones, along with Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod, also support built-in functions such as the M4A player and can open these audio files directly on the email or on web pages. without a separate application, whether the file uses AAC or not ALAC.Other mobile devices can also have built-in tools to support M4A file playback.

Note: Because MPEG-4 format is used for both file types M4A and MP4, so any video player that supports M4A can also play MP4 because these two types of files are available. same format.

How to convert an M4A file

While M4A format may be quite popular, it is still nothing compared to the MP3 format, which is why many people may want to convert M4A to MP3 format for playback. More platforms, more devices.

If your computer has iTunes installed, you can use this software to create an MP3 file from another M4A file quickly.

To convert M4A to MP3 format with iTunes, you must change the import settings on iTunes and then use the Convert menu option to create MP3 copies.

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  1. Navigate toEdit > Preferences . > General.
  2. Click the Import Settings item.
  3. Select the MP3 Encoder option from the drag and drop menu.
  4. Click OK and then OK again on the General Preferences window .
  5. Select the M4A file from the library you want to convert.
  6. Navigate toFile > Convert > Create MP3 Version.

Note: iTunes will not delete M4A files after you convert it to MP3.Both will still be available in your iTunes library.

There are a few free file conversion tools that can convert M4A files to other audio formats such as WAV, M4R, WMA, AIFF and AC3 . Not only MP3, Can be mentioned asSwitch Sound File Converter, Freemake Audio Converter and MediaHuman Audio Converter.

You can also use online file conversion tools such as FileZigZag.com or Zamzar.com to convert M4A files to another audio format.First, download the M4A file that needs to be uploaded to one of those websites and then set the different output format options besides MP3, including FLAC, M4R, WAV, OPUS and OGG, and some other file types. half.

You can also "convert" M4A files into text using voice recognition software like Dragon, programs like these can transcribe words, direct sentences into text, and Dragon is even You can also do it with an audio file, but you may first have to convert M4A files into MP3s with one of the above mentioned converters.

The information you need to know more about M4A format

Some audiobooks and podcasts also use M4A file extensions, but since this format does not support bookmarks to save your last accessed location in the file, they are usually saved in M4B format to be able to store this information.

MPEG-4 audio format is also used on Apple iPhone as a ringtone, but they are saved with M4R extension instead of M4A.

Compared to MP3, M4A files are usually smaller but have better quality.This is because improvements in the M4A format were originally intended to replace MP3s, such as perception-based file-type compression, in fixed signals with larger size blocks and smaller sample sizes. .

How if I still can't open an M4A file?

If you still cannot openM4Afilesdespite using the above methods, it is possible that your file is not actually inM4Aformat.Some file types with a tail extension look very similar to the file extension.M4A, so you should also double check the file extension to see if it is standard.

For example, 4MP files can be confused with M4A and of course, normal M4A music players will not be able to open this type of file.4MP files are 4-MP3 database files that contain references to audio files but they do not actually contain any audio data.The same is the case forMFAfiles.At first glance, it looks like M4A but in essence they are completely unrelated to sound.MFA are MobileFrame application files or Fusion Multimedia Development files (Multimedia Fusion Development files).

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