What is WMV file? How to open, edit and convert WMV files

WMV is an abbreviation for Windows Media Video - a compressed video format developed by Microsoft.

WMV is an abbreviation for Windows Media Video - a compressed video format developed by Microsoft.WMV was originally designed for online applications, as a competitor to RealVideo, but it can now serve more professional content.WMV files are the smallest video files on the web because their file sizes are significantly reduced after compression, resulting in low video quality.However, the advantage of this is that it is probably the only video file format that allows users to download and share via email.As a Microsoft software, Windows Media Player is the main application used to run WMV files on all Windows operating systems but on the Mac operating system also has a free WMV player.

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Windows Media Audio files are essentially the same as WMV files, but only contain audio data, not video.These files use the .WMA extension.

Note: Windows Media Player is also linked to other file formats that use the same file extensions, but that doesn't mean they have the same format.For example, the WMZ file is the Compressed Windows Media Player Skin file, these files are responsible for changing the look of Windows Media Player, while the Windows Media Redirector (WMX) files are shortcuts to media files. like WMA and WMV.

How to open a WMV file

Windows Media Player and Movies & TV are all installed by default on most Windows versions, so these are the most optimal solutions to open WMV files if you are using Windows.After WMP stopped development for macOS after version 9, Mac users can use Flip4Mac to open these files, but unfortunately, Flip4Mac is not free.

It can be said that VLC, DivX Player, KMPlayer and MPlayer are alternatives to Windows Media Player.As you know, these are completely free multimedia players that support playback of WMV files and many other media file formats on both Mac and Windows operating systems.In addition, Elmedia Player is also another WMV player for Mac that is worth using.

Note: If you still cannot open your file even after trying these programs, it is most likely that the file is not WMV.As mentioned above, some other file formats that use file extensions are very similar but do not mean that these formats have the same function or even they have nothing to do with each other.

Here are a few specific examples:

  1. WVM is a Google Play Video file.They are usually found only when browsing files on Android devices in com.google.android.videos / files / Movies /.WVM files serve as a format that Google uses to store TV shows and movies.
  2. WMF files may appear in the Windows Metafile format.This is the graphic file format that contains the drawing commands (for example, to explain how to create rectangles or circles).Widelands game also uses WMF files.These are map files, which store the size, resource and character location of the map.
  3. AMV is compressed video files.Specifically, this is an Anime Music Video format (Anime Music Video format).They are used on some portable music players originating from China.

How to convert WMV file

Using one of the free Video converters or online file converters is definitely the best way to convert a WMV file.You just need to download and install, then select the WMV files to convert to another video format like MP4, AVI, MKV, 3GP, FLV .

Any Video Converter and Freemake Video Converter are two popular WMV conversion tools and are widely used by many people.Both are very easy to use and support many different output formats.For example, Freemake Video Converter can convert your WMV file directly to DVD as well as extract audio and save it in MP3 format.

In addition, online video conversion tools like Zamzar can also convert WMV files quickly.Using the online file converter of course has its advantages and disadvantages because although you don't have to download and install it, you have to upload it to the conversion page, which can take a long time if You are converting WMV files because these files are sometimes quite large in size.

The information you need to know more about WMV file

WMV files use the Microsoft Advanced Systems Format (ASF) platform and therefore, in essence, are very similar to ASF files, another file format developed by Microsoft.

However, WMV files can also be 'packaged' into Matroska or AVI format and therefore they have MKV or AVI file extensions.

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