What file is FLAC? How to open, edit and convert FLAC files

Free Lossless Audio Codec FLAC audio compression is called lossless music, meaning that the sound quality will not be lost during file compression.

A .FLAC file(Free Lossless Audio Codec) is simply an audio file format (Audio codec) used to hold compressed music data and music-related content.FLACis a lossless compression file format, unlikeMP3, WMA, OGG, MPC, ATRAC,ACCorVorbisformats, etc. Audio data when compressed in FLAC format can be reduced. about 30% of the original size

Free Lossless Audio Codec FLAC audiocompressionis calledlosslessmusic, meaning that the sound quality will not be lost during file compression.

Also the FLAC Fingerprint file is a plain text file, often called ffp.txt, which is used to store file names and test information related to a specific FLAC file.Sometimes they are created with the FLAC file.

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How to open a FLAC file

The best and most popular FLAC player is probably VLC because it not only supports FLAC but also supports many other popular audio and video formats that you may encounter in theprocess of use.

However, it must be added that nearly all popular media players can now play FLAC format.For example, Windows Media Player can open FLAC files with Xiph's OpenCodec plugin.The free Fluke tool can be used on a Mac to play FLAC files in iTunes.Microsoft Groove Music, GoldWave, VUPlayer, aTunes and jetAudio are also some popular multimedia players that can play FLAC format.

TheFree Lossless Audio Codec community has its own website for storing and sharing this music format, as well as a list of software programs and hardware devices that support FLAC format well.

How to convert a FLAC file

If you only need to convert one or two FLAC files, the fastest way is to use the free online file format converters so that there is no time to download and install the software.Zamzar.com, Online-Convert.com and media.io are some examples of FLAC conversion tools to WAV, AC3, M4R, OGG and other similar online formats.

If your FLAC file is large and takes too much time to upload, or you want to batch convert FLAC files at once, use the dedicated offline audio format converter.Free Studio and Switch Sound File Converter are two tools that support converting FLAC formats to audio formats like MP3, AAC, WMA, M4A and other popular audio formats.To convert FLAC to ALAC (ALAC Encoded Audio or the so-called m4a, similar to FLAC butcreated by Apple for their own devices), you can use MediaHuman Audio Converter.

If you need to open FLAC files in plain text, consider using a software in the list of the5 best free codeeditors.

The information you should know more about FLAC format

FLAC is said to be the first "truly open and free lossless audio format".The free concept here is not just for use but even the whole specification of this audio format is also available for everyone to freely compose.The methods of encoding and decoding FLAC files do not violate any patents and the source code is provided free of charge as an open source license.

FLAC is not protected byDRM encryption information (Digital Rights Management).However, because the format does not include any copy protection tool, it is possible to encode your own FLAC files into any other audio format.

FLAC format not only supports audio data but also includes art, search and fast tagging.Because FLAC files are searchable, they have an advantage over some other formats in application editing.

Although FLAC is facing competition of many new formats, it will be a long time before its position can be shaken.Its greatest strength is its small capacity that allows easy storage or transmission over the internet.

Users will only have to pay for the FLAC album once to be heard permanently, while the popular music streaming services like Spotify and Tidal require a monthly fee and if you stop translating If so, the music library that you have chosen to follow is also 'gone'.

How can I still open a FLAC file?

If you still cannot openFLACfileseven though you have used the above methods, it is possible that your file is not really inFLACformat.Some file types with a look-alike extension look very similar to theFLACfile extension, so you should also check the file extension to see if it is standard.

A common example is the file format Adobe Animate animation often has an extension of the .FLA.These files can only be opened with Adobe Animate, whereas Adobe Animate cannot open the FLAC audio file.The same is the case of FLIC files (FLIC Animation), FLASH (Frictional Games Flashback) and FLAME (Fractal Flames).

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