What file is WAV and WAVE? How to open, edit and convert WAV and WAVE files

A file with .WAV or .WAVE extension is Waveform Audio files. This is the standard audio format developed by Microsoft and IBM in 1991.

A file with a .WAV or .WAVE file is Waveform Audio files (also known as Windows audio format at some point in the past but is no longer available).This is the standard audio format developed by Microsoft and IBM in 1991.

WAV files are usually uncompressed but you can still compress them if you want.WAV is actually just a Windows audio file format.This means that WAV may contain audio in compressed form, although people rarely use it.Most WAV files contain uncompressed audio in PCM format.WAV files are just 'covers' for PCM file encryption, making it more suitable for use on Windows systems.However, Mac systems can still open WAV files as usual without any problems.

Uncompressed WAV files are often much larger in size than other popular audio formats like MP3, mp4 . So they are often not used as the preferred audio format when sharing music files. online or buy music, instead used in audio editing software, operating system functions and video games.

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WAV is the extension of the bitstream format of the resource exchange file (Resource Interchange File Format -RIFF).In essence, WAV is similar to AIFF and 8SVX files, both of which are more commonly used on Mac operating systems.

How to open a WAV file and WAVE

You can fully open WAV files with Windows Media Player, VLC, iTunes, QuickTime, Microsoft Groove Music, Winamp, Clementine, XMMS and many other popular multimedia player applications.

Note: It is difficult to happen that your .WAV or .WAVE files are not audio files, but they can be completely saved in one of these two formats.To test this, open the WAV or WAVE file in the code editor to view it as a text code document.In particular, if the first item you see is "RIFF", your WAV WAVE file is audio files and will open with one of the tools listed above.Otherwise, your file may be corrupted (try downloading or copying).In general, it is possible to read these texts to determine what the file is, how it works.

How to convert a WAV / WAVE file

WAV files can be converted to other audio formats (such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG, M4A, M4B, M4R, etc.) with most of the popular free audio format conversion software. market likeFreemake Audio Converter, FileZigZag, and MediaHuman Audio Converter .

If your computer has iTunes installed, you can quickly convert WAV files to MP3 right on iTunes without downloading any additional software.Here's how:

  1. Start iTunes, navigate to the Edit menu > Preferences (for Windows version itunes) or iTunes> Preferences (for itunes on a Mac).
  2. Select theGeneral tab , then click on the Import Settings item .
  3. Click the Import Using drop-down menu, select theMP3 Encoderoption.
  4. Click OK a few times to exit the installation window.
  5. Choose one or more songs that you want iTunes to convert to MP3 format, and then use the File menu option > Convert> Create MP3 Version.This function will retain the original audio file and create a new MP3 file with the same name.

Some other free file converters support converting WAV files to other formats: FileZigZag and Zamzar.These are online conversion tools, which means you have to upload the WAV file to the website, convert it and download it to your computer.This method is very useful and you only need to convert a few files or small WAV files.

The information needs to know more about WAV and WAVE files

This file format cannot contain files that exceed 4 GB in size and some software programs may even limit this number to a lower level, only 2 GB.

Some other WAV files are actually used to store non-audio data, such as signal forms called waveforms (waveforms).

How can I still open a WAV / WAVE file?

If you still cannot open WAV files even though you have used the above methods, it is possible that your file is not really in WAV format.Some types of file extensions have a look that looks very similar to the extension of the .WAV file, so you should also check the file extension to see if it is standard.

WVE is an example of a file with a similar extension to WAVE and WAV, but in fact it is not an audio file at all.WVE files are the project files Wondershare Filmora, which are opened with the video editing program Wondershare Filmora.Other types may be WaveEditor Project files used with CyberLink Media Suite.

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