What does PhD, MD, MA, MSc, BA, BSc mean?

What do the abbreviations PhD, MD, MA, MSc, BA, BSc mean? If you are wondering, follow the following article of Network Administrator to find the answer.

In life sometimes you will receive a business card in English with abbreviations like PhD. Or on some foreign university degree will also be the acronyms such as PhD, MD, MA, MSc, BA, BSc. When reading these acronyms printed on a good business card, do you know what these acronyms are for learning? If you are wondering what the meaning of these words is, follow the following Network Administrator article to find the answer.

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What does PhD, MD, MA, MSc, BA, BSc mean? Picture 1

1. PhD

PhD (also written as Ph.D, Dphil) is an acronym for Doctor of Physolophy in English, meaning Doctor / Philosopher.

Dr. is the highest student of all levels, it first appeared in Germany, later used by the US and other Western countries. Recent years PhD has been pooled to generalize people with PhDs in all professions.

2. MD

MD is an acronym for the phrase A medical doctor / physician. This is a degree in medicine that is very popular in many countries. MD learners often learn to practice more than theory.

3. MA

MA is an acronym for Master of Arts. This word is understood as a literary / social master. These people specialize in social sciences such as media, education, language, literature, geography, history and music.

What does PhD, MD, MA, MSc, BA, BSc mean? Picture 2

4. MS or MSc

MS or MSc stands for Master of Science. This word means a master of natural science. This degree is given to individuals after completing a course in natural sciences such as biology, chemistry, engineering, health or statistics. In some places it is often assumed that by MS there is more 'weight' than an MA.

5. BA

BA stands for Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts / Social Studies who are professional in humanities, literature, history, social sciences, media and foreign languages. In addition, BA is an acronym for Business Analyst, this is a professional analyst, who connects customers with business people and technical workers.

6. BSC

BSc (or BS) stands for Bachelor of Science which means the bachelor of natural science. BS diplomas are related to subjects such as engineering, technology, mathematics, computer science, nursing and biochemistry. Although BS degrees are often related to science subjects, many schools also offer BS degrees in some other areas such as music.

In addition to the above acronyms, we also add some acronyms in the table below about the job positions you will often encounter in life. Invite you to consult.


Full words


Bc., BS, BS, B.Sc. or BSc

The Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of natural science.


The Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration.


The Bachelor of Commerce and Administration

Bachelor of Commerce and Management.

B.Acy., B.Acc. or B. Accty

The Bachelor of Accountancy

Bachelor of accounting.


The Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of law.


Tập đoàn của công việc và chính sách quản lý

Bachelor of management and public policy.


The Master of Art

Master of social science.

MS, MSc or M.Si

The Master of Science

Master of natural science.


The Master of business Administration

Master of Business Administration.

MAcc, MAc, or Macy

The Master of Accountancy

Master of accounting.


The Master of Science in Project Management

Master in project management.


The Master of Economics

Master of economics.

M. Fin.

The Master of Finance

Master of Finance


Doctor of Philosophy

Doctorate (industry in general).


Doctor of Medicine

Doctor of medicine.


Doctor of Science

Doctor of science.


Doctor of Business Administration

Doctor of Business Administration.

The above are the most popular academic courses in the West, and common acronyms in degrees and scientific works. Thus, the above article explained to you what the words PhD, MD, MA, MSc, BA, BSc mean, which words are short.