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During the process of using your computer, many times you accidentally delete important data but do not know how to get it back. Therefore, below TipsMake article will send you the top data recovery software, save data on computer, hard drive, and the best USB for reference.

There are many of you questioned: data deleted on the computer can be recovered, recovered or not? Taimienphi would like to answer that you can get it, however, not everyone can recover data, get back all deleted data on the computer, depending on the complexity that there are ways to handle it. different.

Note when using data recovery software

As soon as you delete data by mistake or format it by mistake, you need to pay close attention to the following: 

1. With the lost data located with the operating system drive (Usually drive C) : Immediately turn off the computer and unplug the hard drive to switch to another machine and use the software to recover.

2.  If the data is on a partition other than the operating system , never write more data to that partition. To be sure and to keep the most data, you should completely unplug the lost drive and plug it into another computer, install the following data recovery software, then restore.

3. Absolutely should not run, open any program because these programs may write data of that program on the mistakenly deleted areas without our knowledge.

When using data recovery software, in addition to note that you should install on another computer (with mistakenly deleted data on the same drive as the operating system data), you should use deep scan mode if there is a lot of data Importantly, while in deep scan mode it may take a little longer, but more data can be recovered. To avoid affecting data loss or irreversible, you should choose a partition containing files different from the one from which the files were deleted.

For example data need to get back drive D: when getting back it should be stored in drive C or E, if it's important data you should use a new storage device such as: USB, portable hard drive or 1 drive other hard disk to store recovered data, thus ensuring the safety of the data to be recovered and the speed of the recovery process faster due to the independent read and write process on two different devices. This note applies to all data recovery software.

In the content of this article, TipsMake will guide you to recover data mainly around deleting or formatting mistakenly, in case you want to save data because the hard drive fails to recognize, the hard drive is damaged by hardware. Often you need to find professional data rescue service centers, where with specialized equipment or handle reassembling hardware will help you save the best data.

Recuva, Wondershare Data Recovery, Undelete Plus . and many other software with data recovery functions on the market today, the fact that there are too many software makes you do not know which new software brings the best effect for your computer. count. Each data recovery software has its own advantages and advantages and why users use that software. The following 5 software are considered to have the best data recovery capabilities and are chosen by a large number of users. 

If you have extremely important data and you are not a Technology expert, have little knowledge of computer software, we recommend that you opt for professional data recovery services, albeit a little bit. the cost but in return you can rest assured the most assured data. List of top data rescue places Nowadays

Data recovery in many cases can reach 99-100% but not in all cases it depends on your behavior after deleting the mistake.

1. Recuva (Free)

Recuva is now the leading free data recovery software, full-featured Recuva compared to other paid software, even better. Users recovering data with Recuva can recover deleted, mistakenly formatted data on the computer, USB, memory card, . file types including files, images, videos, emails, .

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Recuva with its simple, detailed local functions will help first-time users have no trouble, however, you should also check out the article: how to install Recuva as well as how to use it we introduced before. here

Download Recuva latest version here.

2. DataRecovery (free)

DataRecovery is designed and developed to recover data that has been deleted or lost due to various reasons on the hard drive. Recover data on devices supporting NTFS protocol such as hard drive, external memory card, USB, removable hard drive . Recover documents, install software, Media files .

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You can freely choose to get back a file, a folder or all lost data on the hard drive. DataRecovery has quite a fast data scan time, displaying detailed parameters related to each data right in the program's queue such as file name, folder name, format or size.

Download DataRecovery here.

3. Undelete Plus (trial)

Like Recover My Files, Undelete Plus also has the function to automatically find and recover all deleted data on a certain partition, recover deleted data by DOS command, or delete by combination Shift + Delete key or files deleted from recycle bin.

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After the scan is complete, the utility will automatically list deleted files in groups based on file type, display detailed parameters such as last update, file name, size . Undelete Plus has ability to search on computers with different hard disk formats FAT, NTFS, on external storage devices.

Download and install Undelete Plus here

4. DiskGetor Data Recovery (trial)

DiskGetor Data Recovery has the function of recovering deleted, lost, corrupted or formatted data on all formats of hard drive partition. The files that can be found are documents, audio files, videos, images .

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This utility is capable of recovering all data including individual files or existing folders. Not only that, DiskGetor Data Recovery is a unique tool that allows you to recover even old data that has been overwritten by scanning sectors on your hard drive and external storage devices, searching and recovering cool data. .

Download DiskGetor Data Recovery here

5. Wondershare Data Recovery (trial)

If the data you need to save is a small document that you can use Wondershare Data Recovery trial version because this software allows you to recover up to 100Mb when trying. 

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Although little-known in Vietnam, Wondershare Data Recovery also has many outstanding features such as integrating many methods of searching, identifying and recovering data in many cases, many modes such as: searching files lost by answering a security question; recover deleted files, format the same file name and original path; recover corrupted or lost partitions with all data; Thorough scan and data recovery even when the file system fails.

Wondershare Data Recovery is also constantly improving its algorithm to recover data on faulty hard drives, faulty partitions, on external storage devices such as USB, portable hard drive or memory card . with speed The speed quickly depends on the number and size of the files to be deleted.

Download Wondershare Data Recovery version here

How to save deleted computer data is quite simple when using Wondershare Data Recovery. However, if it is the first time using this software, you should refer to detailed instructions in the article below to avoid unnecessary errors.

Above are 5 out of a lot of software capable of effectively recovering data not only on the computer but also on external storage devices such as USB, portable hard drive or Flash memory card.