Tips to use Windows 10 you may not know

In the article below, Tipsmake will summarize very useful Windows 10 tips that you may not know! Invite you to read the extremely necessary win 10 tips below!

Windows 10 operating system is a great operating system and to have a pleasant experience with it, you will certainly not be able to ignore these extremely useful Windows tips below:

Table of contents

1. Windows Shortcuts

  1. Ctrl + T:  Open a new tab in the browser
  2. Ctrl + Q:  Close the browser
  3. Ctrl + I:  Write italic in Microsoft Word
  4. Windows + C:  Start talking to Cortana
  5. Ctrl + Alt + D  and any arrow button : Rotate  screen
  6. Ctrl + Tab:  Move between the tabs of the browser in order from left to right.
  7. Ctrl + Shift + Tab:  Move between browser tabs in order from right to left.
  8. Ctrl + F4:  Closes the current number of the currently executing program.
  9. Ctrl + Alt + Tab:  Use arrow keys to switch between open applications.
  10. Ctrl + Shift + Esc:  Open Task Manager
  11. Ctrl + Esc:  Open Start menu
  12. Alt + Enter:  Opens the Properties window of the currently selected file/folder.
  13. Alt + F4:  Close a program.
  14. Alt + Tab:  Switch between running programs
  15. Alt + Esc: Orderly  select another active window to work with.
  16. Alt + mouse click:  Move quickly to part of the table from the table of contents.
  17. Alt + F8:  Show password on login screen.
  18. Alt + left arrow key:  Return to the previous page.
  19. Alt + right arrow key:  Go to the next page.
  20. Alt + spacebar:  Open the shortcut menu for the active window.
  21. Backspace:  Return to the previous category, similar to Undo.

You can use some great keyboard tricks to navigate Windows and some other common tricks that work with many of your favorite apps. The mouse is a great and versatile tool, but sometimes these tricks are faster. Give it a try!

Popular Windows Shortcuts



Windows logo key    +  CHEAP

Open the Run command

Windows logo key    +  WILL

Open Search

Windows your logo   +  E

Open File Explorer

Alt Tab

Open the Action Switcher, move forward with each Tab press, switch to that window when Tab is released

Shift Alt Tab

Open the Action Switcher, move backwards with each press of Tab, switch to that window when Tab is released

Windows your logo   +  Tab

Switch to Action View, the selected window will return to the same focus

Windows logo +   Up arrow

Move up through the sequence  of minimized  windows >  get >  Maximize for  focused window

Windows logo key    +  Down arrow

Move down through the series  Maximize Create Window Minimize  for a focused window

Windows your logo   +  CODE

Minimize all windows

Windows your logo   +  EASY

Hide or unhide the desktop

Windows your logo   +  I

Open Settings

Common application shortcuts

Note:  These are common keyboard shortcuts that work in most cases, but may not work in some apps. Check the manual for your application if you have other questions.



Ctrl X


Ctrl _




Ctrl A

Select all




New document

Ctrl P


Ctrl Z


Alt F4

Close the program

Sometimes you need to enter a character that is not on the keyboard, like a long dash (—) or a copyright symbol (©). If you have the number pad area on your keyboard, you don't have to find and copy and paste it, you can still do it! Here's how:

  1. Hold down the  Alt  key on the keyboard.

  2. While holding down the  Alt key , enter the four-digit code on the number pad area for the character you want. (Include 0 at the beginning of the sequence if required).

    Note:  This feature only works on the number pad area This feature will not work on the number row at the top of the keyboard.

  3. Release the  Alt key .

Here are a few characters that you can type with the Alt key:





Copyright symbol

Alt + 0169


Registered icon

Alt + 0174


Alt + 0153

Click List

Alt + 0149


Section icon

Alt + 0167



Alt + 0134


Double dagger

Alt + 0135

medium strikethrough

Alt + 0150

long dash

Alt + 0151


Paragraph icon (Pilcrow)

Alt + 0182


Upside down exclamation mark

Alt + 0161


upside down question mark

Alt + 0191


Coin symbol

Alt + 0162



Alt + 0163



Alt + 0128



Alt + 0165

2. Clean up your desktop to make your computer faster

Instead of having multiple folders for every little thing on the screen, you can create a shared folder and organize small folders within it. Next, put all your apps in the taskbar and you'll be left with an almost blank screen. This action will instantly maximize  your desktop speed  .

Tips to use Windows 10 you may not know Picture 1

3. Turn on slide to shutdown

This trick only works on Windows 10, it's a bit complicated. Right-click on the desktop, select New > Shortcut.

Tips to use Windows 10 you may not know Picture 2

In the next pop-up, paste the following line of code:


Tips to use Windows 10 you may not know Picture 3

Click Finish to complete. This creates an icon that is clickable on the desktop, which you can feel free to rename to whatever you want.

Tips to use Windows 10 you may not know Picture 4

To shutdown by sliding down, double click on the newly created icon, you will see a watermark appear. Then use the mouse to drag it to the bottom of the screen. Keep in mind, this is not a machine in Sleep mode but a Shutdown.

Tips to use Windows 10 you may not know Picture 5

4. Find out how much space apps are taking up

The computer starts to run slower when it runs out of space. A quick way to speed them up is to get rid of apps that take up more space than necessary, especially if you don't use them often. To see how much space apps use, navigate to Settings > System.

Tips to use Windows 10 you may not know Picture 6

Select Storage to see the capacity of each item.

Tips to use Windows 10 you may not know Picture 7

5. Turn off background apps

Apps running in the background can receive information, send notifications, and be updated, even when you're not using them – which can be helpful, but can also drain battery and data, if you're connected via  mobile  hotspot.

To control which apps are running in the background, to save some battery and data, go to Settings > Privacy > Background apps.

Tips to use Windows 10 you may not know Picture 8

To prevent all apps from running in the background, toggle Let apps run in the background to Off. Or, you can choose which apps to run in the background individually by visiting the list on the same page.

Tips to use Windows 10 you may not know Picture 9

6. Reduce distractions with Focus assist

It's annoying to be constantly interrupted with notifications at work. You can determine how many notifications you get with Focus assist, a Windows 10 tool added in the April 2018 Update.

Tips to use Windows 10 you may not know Picture 10

Set it up by going to Settings > System > Focus assist. Choose one of three options:

  1. Off  (get all notifications from apps and contacts)
  2. Priority  (see only the selected notifications from the priority list that you customize and send the rest to the Action Center)
  3. Alarms only  (hide all notifications, except alerts).

Tips to use Windows 10 you may not know Picture 11

You can also choose to automatically enable this feature during certain hours or when you are playing a  game .

7. Advanced Windows Search

If you search too long in Windows, you can narrow things down a bit thanks to the May 2020 Update. In Settings > Search > Searching Windows.

Tips to use Windows 10 you may not know Picture 12

Set search to Classic, apply only to Libraries and Desktop, or select Enhanced indexing to search the entire computer. A new algorithm also helps Windows adjust when it's active, using fewer resources when gaming, or when disk usage is above 80%.

Tips to use Windows 10 you may not know Picture 13

8. Smile and the world will smile at you

Emojis aren't just for your phone anymore! The new emoji keyboard in Windows 10 lets you express yourself like never before. To use this app:

  1. While entering text,  press Windows logo   + key  . (dot) . The emoji keyboard will appear.

  2. Select an emoji with your mouse or keep typing to search for an emoji you like among the available emojis.

Tips to use Windows 10 you may not know Picture 14

9. Change language

If you type characters that are used more often in other languages, you can always set up keyboards for other languages ​​and switch between them easily. For more details about this feature, see  Manage display and input language settings in Windows 10 .

Tips to use Windows 10 you may not know Picture 15

Above is  a collection of Windows tips that you may not know . Wish you success and don't forget to share this  computer tips  article to your friends and relatives!

Good luck!