iPad in Vietnam started to drop prices

One day after being in Vietnam, the price of 16GB iPad version decreased from 16.4 to 15.7 million, in addition 32 and 64GB versions also began to appear.

One day after being in Vietnam, the price of iPad 16GB version dropped from 16.4 to 15.7 million, in addition the 32 and 64GB versions also began to appear .

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Apple tablets started "hot" in Vietnam.

The "fever" iPad in Vietnam officially appeared at noon on April 6, when the first 10 cars were available in Ho Chi Minh City, also in the afternoon, the Hanoi market began to have goods. Initially, only 16GB copies were sold, and the price was up to 850 USD (equivalent to 16.4 million VND).

Yesterday, the market received a new batch of goods as all 32 and 64GB serials appeared. Big stores in Hanoi such as Apple Cafe (Ngoc Khanh), TechLand (Hang Khay) . all introduce new prices for these models. The 16GB version is now down to $ 810 (15.7 million) from $ 850 a day earlier. While the 32GB version is priced at 910 USD (17.6 million) and wants to buy 64GB version, customers have to give up another 100 USD, nearly 19.6 million dong per machine.

Like the iPhone, iPad continues to be the product of the interest of "Apple believers", the first machines appear to have buyers now. Recognizing the interest of users, quite a lot of hand-made goods owners in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City did not miss the opportunity to enter or order, before the time when this model sold in the US.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang, an Apple player in Cau Giay - Hanoi said that the current price of the iPad is quite high, this is not a laptop, many features are as convenient as a phone, a device suitable for people. need a web browser, entertainment, but still need a laptop. However, Mr. Hoang said, he is very interested and will buy a machine, and will wait when the "fever is the first owner" drops.

Running the same operating system as the iPhone, the iPad uses and allows the installation of software equivalent to Apple phones, and the device also has its own applications. Therefore, many shops in Hanoi have planned to support the installation of software, as well as services associated with this product.

However, the iPad is currently not able to crack down like the iPhone, to install applications outside the App Store, so the software can only be purchased or downloaded for free from the "Apple" app store. Many technicians say that this device software will be more abundant, when "unlocked" hackers are machine.