How to Install a Hidden Camera

Lately, someone has been secretly stealing your things, but you don't know how to prove it. Whether the perpetrator is a friend, family member, co-worker, or your sworn enemy, a hidden camera can help you gather the evidence you need to confront that person and put an end to their subterfuge.

Hide webcams inside items

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Buy a cheap webcam. There are suitable cameras for this for less than 200 thousand. You can go online and search for 'cheap webcams'.

Choose a basic and compact webcam. Cameras need to be compact to avoid detection. You can hide your webcam in items like a pencil sharpener or tissue box; Keep that in mind when choosing to buy a camcorder.

If you want to install a camera as soon as possible, you can look to buy it at major electronics stores and ask for the smallest and cheapest model.

If you plan to catch a serious crime red-handed, you should consider installing professional surveillance cameras. Homemade hidden cameras are nice and effective when needed – but the image quality will be much higher if you install an expensive one.

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Remove the outer shell of the webcam. You will see a circuit board with a lens mounted on top. This way the camera will be much more compact and easier to hide.

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Choose a location to hide the camera. Be creative! The camera will not be easily detected if hidden in a normal object. Remember to use something that you usually keep in your room or office; An object that appears out of place will easily arouse suspicion.

For example: You can find an electric pencil sharpener that no one uses, remove the inside and place the camera lens in the pencil sharpener hole. You just need to remove the pencil sharpener's case, remove the motor and wires inside. Remember, the pencil sharpener is not plugged in!

Try using cardboard shoe boxes or tissue boxes. Cut a small hole in the box so the camera can 'see' out. Remember not to cut your losses too big: you don't want to make anyone suspicious!

Consider using shopping bags or gift bags. Just like above, cut a small hole inside the bag. If the bag is patterned or embossed, the hole will be harder to detect, and if the bag is black or dark, the hole will be harder to spot.

Consider hiding the camera in the foliage of a potted plant or deep in a corner of a bookshelf – anywhere people won't notice it. Remember to point the camera lens towards the direction you need to record.

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Install the camera inside the object. Place the lens facing the opening on the item, making sure the camera fits inside and doesn't look suspicious.

If you're afraid of the item moving, you can use multi-purpose glue to keep the camera steady. Glue the outer rim of the lens so that the lens faces the opening. Be careful not to get glue on the lens – it will blur the image and be difficult to remove.

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Use glue or tape to attach the fishing lead inside the item so it isn't suspiciously light. This is important if you hide the camera in devices such as pencil sharpeners, watches and the like - these devices are often quite heavy.

If you don't have a fishing lead, you can replace it with a flat metal object. Be careful when handling sharp, jagged metal objects.

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Thread the USB cable (the cable connecting the webcam to the computer) behind the object hiding the camera. You may need to place the camera near your computer if the cable is not very long.

Use something to cover the USB cable. A coat or sheet of paper will also cover it, but it doesn't look very natural. If a stalker sees a 'pencil sharpener' connected to a computer, he or she may become suspicious.

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If the camera is hidden in some device, you can post a 'Damaged' sign to keep it out of reach. If someone was going to use the device, they would probably spot the camera.

However, you should also note that the 'Machine broken' sign can sometimes attract attention. People will often pay less attention to that 'equipment' if you don't put a sign on it – especially if you put it in a hidden place.

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Point the camera at the location you want to record. Imagine you're a movie director choosing a scene: think about what you're trying to prove with the footage, and whether it's important to see the perpetrator's face.

If you just want someone to stay out of your personal space – like your younger sibling sneaking into your room – point the camera at the door so you can film your sibling entering.

If you're dealing with a specific behavior, such as a younger sibling barging into your room to steal clothes or a co-worker taking your stationery without permission – point the camera towards the location. objects to observe what they are doing.

If you want to detect a lot of sneaky behavior, install the camera a little further away so the lens can capture a wide frame of the room. Consider installing two cameras in different locations.

Use your phone as a camcorder

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Find a smartphone. Any old Android phone, iPhone or iPod with an internet connection will do – generally any device that can run apps and access the internet.

Don't forget that your phone will act as a camera, so you can't use it for anything else while filming. It's best to find a phone you don't use often; You can borrow old phones from friends or buy them at stores that sell used phones.

Make sure you have a phone charger. Continuous filming will consume a lot of battery, so you will also need to charge it constantly.

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Download free webcam app. You'll find a suitable program on your phone with the App Store or Google Play Store by searching for "webcam app".

Find apps like Webcam, MobileWebCam, DroidCam, or iCam. Read reviews before downloading an app to make sure the app you download is safe.

There are many free apps, and developers make money from advertising. Don't worry about paying extra for a more expensive app; A free program is also enough.

You will have to give the webcam app full control over the camera, meaning no other app can use the camera while the webcam app is running. This will not harm the phone or its camera.

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Remember the URL of the webcam application. You will need this link to connect your phone to your computer.

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Connect the phone to the computer. Make sure these two devices are connecting to the same wireless network. You will be able to observe and record remotely. Use any compatible video player, such as VLC or Windows Media Player.

If you use VLC, click "Open Network Stream" on the "Media" menu and enter the URL shown on your phone's webcam app. When you enter the URL, you will connect to your phone's camera.

Free programs like VLC and Windows Media Player are great for viewing webcam images via your computer, but you can't record high-quality images. If you really want to get serious about surveillance, you should consider looking for more expensive webcam software.

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Install the camera. The phone will have to be placed next to the charger, so you need to take this into account when setting up. Point the camera lens at the area you want to film and position the phone so it doesn't fall down.

You can lean the phone against the wall or against a stack of books. Lean the phone horizontally to prevent it from falling over.

Consider hiding your phone inside something. See 'Hiding webcams inside objects'.

Turn off the ringer and vibration on your phone, especially if your phone can receive calls and texts. The bell ringing at the wrong time can ruin your entire plan.

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Network Security. Consider installing a secure wireless network and setting up password protection. If you're on an unsecured or public network, anyone with access to your network can see what you record.

Ask your internet service provider about secure network plans. If you're paying for wireless internet, you can set a password for your router.

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View images played from a computer. If you need to leave home, you can connect to public wifi at a coffee shop, restaurant or library.

Record images

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Pay attention to the rules. In the US, you can generally use a hidden camera to record a person without their permission - as long as you're filming in a public place or in your own home. Many states have passed laws prohibiting filming people in places where they have a right to privacy, such as bathrooms or private bedrooms.

It is generally legal to have a hidden camera in the workplace, as long as it is work-related. Don't secretly film another person to resolve a personal conflict – unless you're ready to risk getting into trouble with the law.

Laws in each country or region will also vary. You should check the laws in your area before recording or recording anyone without their consent.

If you plan to distribute, sell or use images in court, it is extremely important to comply with the law. If you only plan to use those videos for entertainment, you don't have to worry too much.

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Download a webcam recording program. Search for 'free webcam recording program' and install the software on your computer.

You can use Windows Movie Maker or iVideo, if these software are already installed on your computer. Look for the Start menu (lower right corner of the Windows screen) to see if the program is installed.

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Plug the USB cable into the computer. When you leave the room or when you're ready to start recording, start the recording software and click "Record".

Use something to cover the USB cable so that the hidden camera is not exposed. Books, papers or a jacket will work – generally anything that looks normal.

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If you already have a webcam, you can probably just use your existing camera to record. Be discreet; Only use this method if you usually keep your webcam next to your computer.

Remember that although this is the simplest way, the other person may become suspicious if they notice the camera is pointed at them – even if they don't think it's working.

Remember to turn off, cover or disable the LED that indicates the webcam is active. The "recording" light can alert the other person that they are being filmed.

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Remember to turn off the screen. If you leave the screen active and the other person sees images from the webcam, they will know they are being watched. To expose someone who is acting secretly, you must also act secretly.

If you have a desktop computer, you can turn off the screen but keep the computer running.

If you're using a laptop, you can put the screen to sleep while recording, or consider folding the screen most of the way down – but not completely. The computer will appear inactive, but will actually be running.

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Continue recording until you get the footage you need. Leave the camera running for as long as you think will capture the needed image. If you're not sure, just run the machine as often as possible.

If you still haven't caught any criminal images, reconsider the situation. Did the thief only do this once? Or have they found a way to avoid your camera?

give the proof

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Use a video editing program to cut out the evidence footage. Your computer may already have a default program installed (Windows Movie Maker or iVideo); If not, you can download free video editing software on the internet.

Make sure the video shows exactly what you need to prove your suspicions. Whether it's to catch your younger sibling stealing your belongings or your colleague stealing stationery from your desk, the video must start a few seconds before the act occurs and end a few seconds after the scene.

Save the relevant footage as a new video file, but don't rush to delete any extra footage. Sometimes the evidence lies in the places we least expect. You may find something very valuable when reviewing leftover footage.

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Save an additional copy of the video in a separate folder. If you plan to use this video as legal evidence, it is important to preserve the evidence.

Consider emailing yourself a copy. Even if someone finds a way to delete the video on your device, you'll still have a copy to download from any computer with an internet connection.

For the same reason: consider saving the footage to a USB portable hard drive and storing it in a safe place.

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Face the thief. You need to be clever. Say you know they're stealing your stuff and tell them not to do it again.

You don't need to release the video right away. That video may come in handy later if you've asked them to stop but they continue to behave in that way. If they admit their behavior when questioned, you don't need to present evidence.

If the other person knows that you have a hidden camera and knows where you hide the camera, they will probably find a way to avoid the camera. Don't rush to show your trump card.

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Forgive, but don't forget. There are some people who don't learn their lesson after being exposed the first time. Note that some people will continue to be submissive if they are caught red-handed just once.

Consider continuing to use the camera if you suspect the other person may do it again. It's never too much to be careful.

If the problem persists, you need to notify the authorities. If you're dealing with a sibling, tell your parents. If the person is a co-worker, you can notify the manager. If the person is a criminal, you should report it to the police.