Google develops new features for Google Message

Recently, Google announced a series of new improvements to its Messages application (Google Message).

Recently, Google announced a series of new improvements to its Messages application (Google Message). Let's immediately discover what those new features are in the article below.

There are notable new features that Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro users will experience first on Android version 13. These include:

Respond to specific messages

The first outstanding feature updated on Google Messages is the ability to reply to specific messages. This can be useful in many different situations. For example, someone sends you a series of messages and you want to respond to certain issues first. This feature allows you to respond to a certain message in a stream of received messages.

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This will be especially useful for group chats. The entire chat group will know what issue you want to talk about because the message you want to talk about will be repeated. However, for this feature to work, both devices must integrate RCS in Message.

Emojis for SMS messages

Earlier this year, Google rolled out the ability for its Messages app to interpret emotional reactions from the iPhone. Previously, if an iPhone user dropped an emoji reaction to each message you sent, you would receive a message summarizing what happened, including a quote from your original message. This is quite annoying for Google Message users.

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Currently, the Message application will shorten this process, and only display the appropriate emoticons in the message frame for you. This makes conversations between iPhone and Android users like you more convenient.

In addition, Google is also trying to do the opposite. If an iMessage user sends you a regular message, you can respond with certain emojis. You'll see the emoji on the message you reacted to. However, iPhone users will only receive a message summarizing your reaction, including the content of their original message.

Other updates on Google Message

Voice messages: Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro can automatically convert voice messages to text messages. This allows you to understand the content of messages without having to listen to them. However, this feature is not exclusive to the Pixel 7 series but is also applied on other phone models such as Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6a, Samsung Galaxy S22 series and Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Reminders: If you get a message about something you need to remember, you don't have to open another app to set a reminder for yourself. Through this new update, you can directly set reminders on Google Message.

Watch YouTube right on Messages: If someone sends you a YouTube video, you can watch it directly on the Messages app. A small window will appear to play the video and you can move and place it anywhere on the phone interface.

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Bookmark mode: If someone sends you something important that you want to save for later, you can bookmark the message. This is especially useful if you want to save an address or a phone number, for example.

Google Meet and Google Calendar: Google Message is integrated with the two applications mentioned above. In case someone sends you a message that says something like "Call me" or "Let's meet on Tuesday at 9," the Messages app can quickly send you to either app. Meet or Calendar so you can get to it quickly.

Business conversations: If you find a business on Google Maps and want to talk to it about something, you can contact them directly through the Messages app. The chat feature will also work similarly to other messaging software you are using. However, this is still an experimental feature so it is only available to certain businesses.

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Free United flight chats: Most flights today have free Wifi service. Although this service has certain limitations, this free service also provides users with free messages on supported applications. For United Airlines flights, RCS messaging in Google Message will be supported. And maybe in the future many other airlines will support this feature.