Disinfect COVID-19 epidemic respirator mask with a microwave

Disinfecting medical masks, microwave cloth masks in accordance with the instructions prescribed by the Institute of Occupational Health and Environment, the Ministry of Health will help reuse the masks.

In addition to using disposable medical masks, people should use cloth masks, wash them immediately after each use, and save money and avoid buying fake medical masks. waste disposal into the environment. Recently, Dr. Doan Ngoc Hai, Director of Occupational Health and Environment, Ministry of Health has tested the solution of disinfecting masks with microwaves that the Institute is implementing to combat COVID-19.

Master said that for disinfection there are 4 methods: UV, ozone, heat, microwave. However, UV can only disinfect the face of the mask, if using ozone disinfection equipment, it is too cumbersome. Therefore, the microwave method is applied by the Master because it is more feasible.

Instructions for sterilizing medical masks with a microwave

Note, the instructions below you need to prepare properly and follow each step, do not arbitrarily change any information or instructions.


  1. Microwave is used for sterilizing masks, not for heating food, its capacity is 800W.
  2. Antiseptic solution or ion salt, physiological saline 0.9%

Step 1:

First use an antiseptic solution, or physiological saline spray, on the inner and outer surface of the mask to moisten the mask.

Step 2:

Put the mask in the microwave so that the face is sprayed with antiseptic solution facing up, put the microwave in microwave mode (without turning on the grill feature) at 800W and rotate for 1 minute .

Step 3:

After filming, wait a while for the mask to exothermic, then remove the mask by holding the handle. This way we can reuse the mask.

Disinfect COVID-19 epidemic respirator mask with a microwave Picture 1

The above parameters have been carefully researched and evaluated by the Institute for facemasks after sterilization, so people do not arbitrarily change and need to follow exactly. Types of masks used for this method are cloth masks, medical masks of a disposable standard. Do not use with unknown types, special masks, as this may cause a fire when rotating in the microwave. Disinfect each mask to ensure safe disinfection. During the sterilization process, watch out for quick treatment when problems occur.

Currently, the Institute of Occupational Health and Environment has improved some types of microwave ovens, removed the power adjustment buttons, leaving only the time button as prescribed for use in some health facilities, public specialized facilities for antibacterial masks.