Why are medical masks in black, white, gray, pink and blue different?

Why is there many different colors in medical masks? Wearing black, pink medical masks ... harmful or not?

In this article, let TipsMake.com help you explain why medical masks come in so many different colors like white, black, gray, pink, blue, green, brown, white and blue . And whether wearing a colored medical mask is bad for your health or not!

In addition to the colors associated with the image of the hospital and doctors such as white and blue, there are many other colors such as black, pink, gray . The reason that this type of mask has colorful like that? Let's find out right away!

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Why medical masks have many colors?

With a medical mask, on the one hand, it needs to be waterproof to prevent the droplets from being worn by the wearer talking, breathing, coughing, sneezing . splashing out and preventing fluids such as sweat, blood, fluids. mucus . from the outside environment seeps into the mask; the other side needs to be able to absorb water well to sweat, to ensure that the wearer does not see the secret, difficulty breathing. In order for the medical mask to fully promote its effectiveness, the wearer of the mask needs to wear the correct side of the waterproof face facing out, the surface of the sweat absorbent will turn inward.

Medical masks are one of the protective devices used at medical facilities, so you will not find anything strange with white medical masks - colors that are easy to distribute. showing stains, symbolizing cleanliness and hygiene. However, in order to help the wearer distinguish the inside and the outside of the mask easily, quickly, without having to take time to look carefully to wear properly, medical masks are usually made in white, while the outside light blue (popular is light blue or light green) or white and green border, when wearing, users only need to remember to wear white on the inside, the outside is colored.

In addition, among the common types of medical masks is a gray type (gray exterior, white inner) is the type containing activated carbon with adsorbent properties.

As it is gradually popularized in daily life, there are many types of medical masks with "strange" colors that people often think are not associated with the medical industry such as black, pink and color medical masks. brown, dark green . appears, some of which have only a dark exterior (the inside is still white), some with both sides, some even printed. In fact, these colors do not have too many special meanings, but merely to meet the tastes of users, especially young people who want the mask they wear to match their style. way 'cool', more personality, cuter . only.

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Is wearing a color medical mask good?

Types of medical masks with prominent colors also make many people wonder with questions such as whether wearing a black medical mask is good, whether or not black medical masks are harmful, should they be worn? colorful medical page .

It can be seen that the reason medical masks are available in different colors is simply to help users easily distinguish between the inside and the outside of the mask or to meet customer preferences and the factors that play the role. The decisive role for the quality of the medical mask will be the filter layer material, the fabric of the mask, the production process .

Therefore, as long as the medical mask you buy is up to the quality standards of safety and health, there is a specific brand, with a clear origin, and you understand the principles for wearing a medical mask. The right way, you absolutely can safely use the product, regardless of whether the mask is white, blue, common gray or the colors black, pink, brown, purple, yellow . fancy. Only a small note is that for medical masks with "strange" colors, you should still choose the color of the inside and outside to avoid confusion when wearing, ensuring the best protection for your health. his and those around him.

A good medical mask should ensure :

  1. Comes from a reputable manufacturing brand, with clear origin and origin.
  2. Meet quality standards and safety for health.
  3. Structure of at least 3 layers: The outer layer needs good waterproofing; the innermost layer should absorb sweat well, have a smooth fabric, no hairiness or fibers causing discomfort to the skin; The filter should meet the standards to allow air to pass through and filter harmful air particles.

You need to pay attention absolutely not to buy medical masks of unknown brand, origin, origin (with "strange" masks like black, pink, brown . the more you need to pay attention to points This is the most important thing to keep in mind when you wear it, it will cause damage to your health (such as secretions, shortness of breath, allergies, dermatitis, acne .). direct contact with the mask, and you will have to breathe through a mask.

Hopefully the above information has helped you better understand why medical masks are available in different colors, black, white, gray, pink, blue . and no longer have to worry about wearing a medical mask. Is color safe or not, so there are good experiences to protect the health of yourself and your loved ones!