4 best cookie editor extensions for Google Chrome

If you've ever had to search for a cookie editor, you know how difficult it can be to find the right one. There are so many options available, they all seem similar making it hard to know where to start.

In today's article, TipsMake will introduce some of the best cookie managers that Chrome Web Store has to offer for you to choose from.

1. EditThisCookie

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EditThisCookie is an extension for Google Chrome that fully integrates a cookie manager right in your browser.

EditThisCookie claims to be the first cookie manager for Google Chrome, and while this claim can be hard to prove, there's no denying that it's definitely one of the best. With EditThisCookie you can easily edit, add, delete and block cookies and many more options.

The great thing about EditThisCookie is that there are many different options you can access when using this extension. You can tweak EditThisCookie to work exactly the way you want by adjusting these values. For example, you might want the page to automatically reload after you make changes, add additional context menus or developer tools.

It's worth noting, however, that EditThisCookie can be a bit unfriendly for those of you who aren't particularly familiar with cookie editors. There is a help menu to guide you, although it doesn't always seem to load correctly. This can be a little difficult to get started.

2. Swap My Cookies

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If you are looking for a cookie editor for Google Chrome because you want to easily switch between accounts or profiles, then Swap My Cookies might be the best choice for you.

At its core, Swap My Cookies is a pretty simple concept with some great execution. Swap My Cookies acts as a session manager for your cookies, allowing you to log in to any website from multiple accounts easily.

If you share your computer with multiple people or have different accounts for the same service, then Swap My Cookies is a great little tool to help you do that. If you're excited to hear that Microsoft has made it easier to swap between Teams accounts, this must be a pretty big deal for you.

All you have to do to use Swap My Cookies is set up a few profiles with different login information. With just a few clicks you can then select these profiles, they will have completely different login information.

You can rename these profiles to make it easier to remember which profile they are, as well as reset, organize, and duplicate them as you see fit. You can also set up shortcuts for each profile to easily switch between them if you want.

However, what's really cool about Swap My Cookies is that it also supports integration with EditThisCookie. This means that if you need to intensively edit your cookies as well as swap them out, you can do that too.

3. Cookie Editor

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Next on this list is the Cookie Editor. If you're looking for a powerful and feature-rich cookie editor that's a bit easier to use than some of the alternatives on this list, then Cookie Editor might be the choice for you.

Cookie Editor does everything you would expect from a cookie manager or editor, such as adding new cookies, deleting cookies, and editing them. You can also back up and restore your cookies, and import and export them to and from files.

However, the biggest draw with Cookie Editor is how it is structured. The user interface is easy to understand and quick to get used to. Lots of additional options are also available, such as news about releases, etc.

4. Cookie-Editor

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If you are just looking for a simple cookie editor that allows you to edit your cookies quickly and easily without adding any cumbersome features, then Cookie-Editor is a good choice for you. do that.

With Cookie-Editor you can easily create, edit and delete cookies from the current page you are on. You can also easily delete cookies in bulk from the same site.

There are options to import or export your cookies to text, and the search bar will let you find what you need in a single tap.

All these features make Cookie-Editor great if you are just looking for a simple cookie editing extension. We also recommend reading this post, which complements our ranking of the best cookie editors. This post describes a good selection of extensions for Chrome, as well as some mobile versions.