10 of the best free benchmark software for Windows

You just overclocked your GPU or installed a new piece of hardware in your PC. How do I know if it's working? Benchmarking is a great way to see your PC's performance, and the best benchmarking software is usually free.

No matter how well you want to evaluate how well your PC is performing, benchmark tools do the trick. Here are the top 10 best free benchmark software for Windows.

General performance

The benchmark software usually allows to change the overclock setting or fan speed. These options allow the user to configure hardware changes via software. Keep in mind that benchmarking your PC is a bit more complicated than just running software.

1. CPU-Z

CPU-Z is the free benchmark software that will give users a complete summary of your PC's hardware specifications, especially regarding your CPU.

CPU-Z also provides specifications for your motherboard, RAM, and graphics card, making it a great master program for visualizing hardware models and products. You can even save a TXT file containing information via the Tools option.

Download CPU-Z for Windows here

2. HWMonitor

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HWMonitor is PC benchmark software that provides model information of hardware components in a PC and displays certain parameters directly.

These parameters include power consumption, fan speed, percentage usage, clock speed and temperature. This can be very important, as problems like an overheating component in your PC can lead to frequent PC crashes.

HWMonitor's simple interface also makes all values ​​easy to see and understand. Of course, you can also save this information for further troubleshooting via the File option.

Download HWMonitor for Windows here

3. SiSoftware Sandra Lite

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SiSoftware Sandra Lite is a full featured set of benchmarking tools aimed at users who understand the inner workings of their computers and for businesses that need to perform detailed analysis on multiple computers.

Want to check your computer's memory bandwidth? No problem. Want to evaluate network performance? Sure. You want to evaluate the efficiency of energy use on the computer? Sandra can do that too.

Another useful feature of SiSoftware Sandra Lite is its online reference database. SiSoft Sandra will benchmark the component or connect online and then compare your performance with other similar processors to give you a better idea of ​​the upgrade that could help. you or not.

Download SiSoftware Sandra Lite for Windows here

4. Speccy

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A product from the developers who created CCleaner, Piriform's Speccy is loved by the gaming community for its simple hardware configuration.

When opened, Speccy will provide a summary of all the components and most drivers available on your PC.

If you click on individual parameters on the left side of the window, you'll get more information related to your specific hardware, including temperature, voltage, fan speed, etc.

Download Speccy for Windows here

5. Fraps

Fraps is the FPS benchmark tool in every gamer's arsenal. Easy to use and configure, Fraps will allow users to view and save their FPS ratings over time.

While the Fraps is mainly used for displaying FPS ratings over time, this tool is also useful for testing new hardware or overclocking a PC. You can also use it to capture screenshots and record gameplay.

Download Fraps for Windows here

CPU Benchmark

CPU benchmarks not only provide users with data regarding clock speed and temperature, but they also compare your CPU performance with that of others.

Remember, it is difficult to separate CPU benchmarks from pure GPU benchmarks, both of which often drive a PC's overall performance. PC motherboards also largely affect CPU performance, and cheap or old motherboards can even decrease CPU performance.

6. CineBench

CineBench provides one of the most thorough and reliable CPU benchmarking software available. It renders an image - a task largely performed by the CPU - and compares it with other real-world tests to gauge the CPU's performance.

While other benchmarks will test overall computer performance or combine CPU and GPU benchmarks, CineBench specifically checks all available CPU cores. After running the test, the processor will be graded: The higher the score, the stronger the output performance of the CPU.

Download CineBench for Windows here

7. RealBench

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RealBench is another example of a real-world CPU benchmark tool. It uses 4 tests, all of which involve rendering in several capabilities: Image Editing, H.264 Video Coding, OpenCL and Heavy Multitasking.

You can upload your results to the RealBench website to compare with other benchmarked hardware configurations.

Maybe the best aspect of RealBench is that it simulates regular program volumes; Do not perform stress tests to push your CPU to its maximum to evaluate its performance. Though of course, stress testing is also a feature available in RealBench.

Download RealBench for Windows here

Benchmark GPU

GPU benchmarks are like CPU benchmarks: They will update the user with the GPU clock speed, bus speed, temperature and fan speed.

8. MSI Afterburner

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Not exclusive to MSI graphics cards, MSI Afterburner is the best live monitoring GPU tool available today. Afterburner allows users to overclock and monitor their software in one program.

It keeps track of every parameter you need to graph your graphics card's parameters: clock speed, temperature, RAM usage, fan speed and CPU usage (by core). You can also save and enable overclocking profiles on boot, so you'll always be overclocked from the start.

Download MSI Afterburner for Windows here

9. Unigine Suite

Unigine Suite has been the most suitable benchmark software for graphics cards for many years. For example, if overclocking is capable of damaging the GPU after a long time, Unigine tools make sure of benchmarking and GPU testing to ensure maximum performance and stability. It also allows users to test different levels of detail, so any GPU - cheap or high-end - can be tested with software.

Download Unigine for Windows here

10. Catzilla

Catzilla is one of the most popular free GPU benchmark apps for gamers. It has an impressive suggestion and animation system, which can give you scores and badges (from 1 to 12).

Once run, the program provides hardware and software advice, allowing users to make instant changes to a PC or laptop to gain more power.

From the GPU point of view, it will provide information on whether your machine can handle the latest games and stream HD movies, among other details.

Download Catzilla for Windows here

Here are 10 free tools to benchmark the best Windows computer at the moment!

Wish you find the right choice for yourself!