What file is XSPF? How to open, edit and convert XSPF files

A file with a. Extension extension is .XSPF which is a file type of playlist format containing XML Shareable Playlist Format file.

A file with a extension extension called .XSPF (pronounced "spiff") is a file type of playlist format containing XML Shareable Playlist Format file.While not pure media files, .XSPF is Audio Files used in operating systems such as Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows Vista, Windows XP.

The media player will play through the XSPF file to determine which files will be opened and played in the program.It reads the XSPF file to understand where the media files are stored, and plays them as specified by the XSPF file.See the example below to better understand this file type and how it works in practice.

Basically, XSPF files are similar in nature to other playlist formats like M3U8 and M3U, but are built with higher mobility.Just like the example in the picture below shows that XSPF file can be used on anyone's computer, as long as the file is in a folder corresponding to the same file structure as on the referenced songs. .

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Note: The playlist file format can share JSON also has the same characteristics as XSPF except that they use the JSPF file extension (because this file format is written in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)).

How to open an XSPF file

XSPF files are files based on XML files.This means that any text editor can open XSPF files for viewing and editing.However, you can still use some programs like VLC media player, Clementine or Audacious to open XSPF files.

Note: There may be several different programs on your computer that also support opening XSPF files, you may find that when you double-click the file, an unwanted application will open the file according to the default. determined.You can change this default program by clicking on the file you want to open, select Open with .

How to convert an XSPF file

The important thing to remember before performing the conversion is that an XSPF file is essentially a text file.This means you cannot convert XSPF format to MP4, MP3, MOV, AVI, WMV or any other audio or video file format.

However, if you open an XSPF file with a text editor, you can see the actual path to the media files and then use the free file format converters to convert those files (not on XSPF).

You can convert XSPF files easily with the media player VLC by opening the XSPF file to be converted in VLC, and then using the Media> Save Playlist to File . option to select the format The file will be saved.XSPF files can be converted to other playlist formats such asM3U or M3U8.

In addition, Online Playlist Creator can help you convert XSPF files to PLS or WPL (Windows Media Player Playlist) format.Meanwhile you can convert an XSPF file to JSPF usingXSPF to JSPF Parsertool.

Example of XSPF file

Below is an example of an XSPF file that references the location of four different MP3 files:


file: ///mp3s/song1.mp3
file: ///mp3s/song2.mp3
file: ///mp3s/song3.mp3
file: ///mp3s/song4.mp3

As you can see, the four tracks are in a folder called "mp3s".When the XSPF file is opened in the multimedia player, the reader will read them to know the location of these songs to play.Then, the media player can collect these four MP3 files into the program and play them inplaylist format.

If you want to convert media files mentioned in the tags.You just need to navigate to that folder according to the location recorded in the card, access those files and conduct the conversion directly.

How can I still open the XSPF file?

If you still cannot open XSPF files even though you have used the above methods, then it is possible that your file is not actually in XSPF format.Some types of file extensions have a look that looks very similar to the extension of the .XSPF file, so you should also check the file extension to see if it is standard.

For example, XSPF files are often confused with XSP, but XSP is a file type.Smart playlistof Kodi applications (Kodi Smart Playlist files).In this case, these two files are playlist files but they are almost impossible to open with the same software (the XSP file only works on Kodi).

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