Broker DotBig: an overview of an international online broker

Overview of the international online broker DotBig. Features of trading with Forex broker Dotbig. Benefits of online trading with DotBig

DotBig is an international broker that provides traders with access to the currency (Forex), stock (securities) and cryptocurrency markets. The broker provides its users with favorable trading conditions, a high-quality trading platform, and a reliable system for protecting personal data. A detailed DotBig Ltd Review will allow you to make an impression about the broker.

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What are the tools for trading and how to start trading?

The international forex broker DotBig provides traders with a variety of trading assets:

  1. 1. Stock. These are the securities of the issuing companies. Users buy stocks low and sell high. The difference in cost will be the investor's profit.
  2. 2. Currencies: US Dollar, Euro, Swiss Franc, Russian Ruble, British Pound.
  3. 3. Cryptocurrencies. The site has a fairly large variety of cryptocurrency assets.
  4. 4. ETFs. This tool is mainly suitable for novice investors. An ETF is a portfolio that already contains shares of foreign companies. Traders can buy parts of this portfolio by investing a certain amount.

The minimum deposit with the DotBig broker is 100 USD. You can withdraw funds in a variety of ways. Among them: bank cards, electronic wallets, transfer systems, etc.

How to start trading?

First you need to register. The procedure is standard: fill out the online form on the website and pass verification. The latter is an identification procedure in which the trader provides scanned documents and selfies.

Features of the trading platform

The DotBig broker provides traders with a high-quality and convenient trading platform. It can be used both on the website in the browser and in the mobile application. The platform is stable. In reviews of DotBig, most traders note the absence of slippage - that is, transactions are opened exactly at the moment the corresponding button is pressed on the screen.

The platform provides a variety of trading tools that help a trader conduct a technical analysis of the market: Fibonacci lines, moving averages, etc.

The DotBig broker also offers social online trading for users. This is very useful for beginner investors: they can simply copy the trades of successful traders, then they do not need to waste time studying charts and making forecasts.

On the whole, DotBig company has earned a positive reputation in the market. The broker is great for both novice traders and experienced ones.

An overview of the trading conditions for traders

There are several thousand financial products and more than 5 asset classes in the broker's portfolio. It makes a good first impression because few other brokers in this category offer such a wide range of choices.

DotBig LTD offers various account models adapted to a trader's request. With higher deposits, you can, for example, receive lower commissions when trading on the main account. Another great advantage is that you can create an account and create multiple trading accounts in it. The transfer of funds is very simple.

It is worth noting that orders for many assets are executed very quickly. Liquidity is always available, so opening large positions is not a problem. Trade costs are quite low and sting competition. For example, trade forex with a spread of 0.0. Trading fees are always different from the type of account. The maximum leverage of 1:400 is extremely high, but it can be adjusted independently.

Thus, trading fees and costs are in a low range compared to other brokers. In addition, DotBig reviews mention about features free and automatic cash withdrawal. That is why the broker is one of the best offers for private traders.


DotBig company offers share trading through CFDs with leverage and through live exchange execution. DotBig offers thousands of stocks that make it easy to short positions. Spreads are also very advantageous and start from just 1 cent. The benefit is that you can trade stocks 24/7.

Stock indexes

Indices are very popular with most traders. DotBig offers a very low spread of 0.5 pips. The commission is quite low, depending on the type of account. In total, more than 10 indexes from all over the world are offered.


ETFs are exchange-traded assets that include a wide variety of markets. If you buy an ETF, it will invest in the underlying assets. The broker offers over 1,000 ETFs for trading.


Goods are available with up to 1:20 leverage. There are even over 100 agricultural commodity ETFs. This requires a minimum deposit of 100€. For example, the spreads start at 0.01 for wheat. DotBig has an excellent offer here as well.

Overview of trading platforms DotBig

In total, 3 different trading platforms are offered for trading - 2 based on Metatrader and 1 internal platform - DotBig Web. Dotbig offers versions 4 and 5 of the world's most popular Metatrader. This platform has been used by private traders for many years. There you have a variety of recruitment options and you are free to develop your trade. Tailor the platform to your strategy. Here you can use algorithmic trading and automatic robots.

The trading platforms offer versatile charting and a variety of technical analysis options. Use indicators, drawing tools and charts to follow successful trading strategies. In addition, take advantage of fast order execution and high pool liquidity.

MetaTrader 4 и MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 4/5 is best suited for a private trader to trade the DotBig markets. You can use this software for desktop computers, web browsers and mobile devices. You only need one access for it.

MetaTrader supports automated trading. You can use "Expert Advisor" and run strategies automatically. Advanced plotting functions are offered. Use multi-charts, indicators and drawing tools. With MetaTrader you can develop trading according to your ideas.

Another advantage of the software is that you can add tools and plugins. MetaTrader is a basic framework that can be extended. In addition to the many customization options, professional portfolio management is also possible.


In general, Dotbig shows himself on the positive side and is a fairly reliable broker. Reviews from are mostly positive. The platform provides a variety of trading tools for technical analysis. In addition, the broker offers users social trading, which is very useful for novice investors. In general, DotBig LTD has earned a positive reputation in the market. The broker is the best solution for both beginners and experienced traders.