Microsoft Defender can detect Android and iOS vulnerabilities

Microsoft just announced that threat and vulnerability management support for Android and iOS has been included in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, the company's enterprise endpoint security platform.

"This new cross-platform threat, vulnerability management capability now supports all major device platforms in an organization, including workstations, servers, and mobile devices," Microsoft said. To share. "This feature in Microsoft Defender Endpoint continuously monitors and identifies affected devices, assesses the associated risks in the environment, and provides intelligent prioritization and integrated workflows for remediation. holes seamlessly".

Vulnerability management on Android and iOS allows administrators to reduce the attack surface of mobile devices and thereby increase their organization's resilience to incoming attacks in a direct way.

Microsoft Defender can detect Android and iOS vulnerabilities Picture 1

This new capability allows organizations to more easily detect, prioritize, and remediate software and operating system vulnerabilities on Android devices (iOS app vulnerability assessment capabilities are expected to be released soon). after).

Previously, on February 2, 2021, Microsoft added vulnerability and threat management for macOS devices to Defender for Endpoint.

This is part of Microsoft's ambitious plan. The company aims to extend the capabilities of its Defender for Endpoint security platform across all major platforms to help security teams protect endpoint users through a unified security solution.