9 cheating apps you should remove immediately

Recently, security researchers at Trend Micro and McAfee discovered nine fraudulent apps on Google Play, affecting more than 750,000 Android devices.

According to the researchers, these apps are designed to sneak out SMS messages and then make unauthorized purchases.

Nine malicious apps primarily targeted users in Southwest Asia and the Arabian Peninsula, affecting more than 750,000 devices before being discovered and removed from Google Play.

The McAfee researchers said: 'These apps pretend to be photo editors, wallpapers, puzzles, keyboards . and camera-related apps. The malware is embedded in the apps that will sneak on SMS messages and make unauthorized purchases. '

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The malware embedded inside the apps is 'Etinu', known for payment fraud, stealing SMS messages, contacts and device information, similar to 'Joker' (aka 'Joker'). called Bread).

Software authors often use a technique called versioning, meaning that crooks initially upload a 'clean' version to Google Play to build user trust, then stealthily add malicious code. through application updates.

Here is a list of 9 apps you should remove immediately from your phone:

  1. Keyboard Wallpaper (com.studio.keypaper2021)
  2. PIP Photo Maker (com.pip.editor.camera)
  3. 2021 Wallpaper and Keyboard (org.my.favorites.up.keypaper)
  4. Barber Prank Hair Dryer, Clipper and Scissors (com.super.color.hairdryer)
  5. Picture Editor (com.ce1ab3.app.photo.editor)
  6. PIP Camera (com.hit.camera.pip)
  7. Keyboard Wallpaper (com.daynight.keyboard.wallpaper)
  8. Pop Ringtones for Android (com.super.star.ringtones)
  9. Cool Girl Wallpaper / SubscribeSDK (cool.girly.wallpaper)

If you are installing the above apps, you should remove them immediately by going to Settings - Apps (apps), selecting the app and clicking Uninstall.

Besides, users should also visit Google Play and check if malicious apps make purchases. First, open Google Play, click on your avatar in the upper right corner and select Payments and subscriptions.

Next, users just need to navigate to the Subscription section, if you find unusual transactions, you should immediately cancel your subscription to avoid being deducted in the future.