Warning: Squid Game scam apps are rampant on Google Play Store

The movie Squid Game - Squid game is currently gaining popularity around the world. After only a short time of release, it became Netflix's most successful film. You should consider carefully before downloading applications based on the movie Squid Game.

Immediately, in all fields, Squid Game-based products appeared and the application development industry was no exception. Currently, there are many applications with content related to Squid Game, the Google Play Store alone has more than 200 applications. Globally, the total number of downloads of Squid Game-related applications has reached millions.

Warning: Squid Game scam apps are rampant on Google Play Store Picture 1

This is also an opportunity for cybercriminals to develop fraudulent applications based on Squid Game. Taking advantage of the attraction of the movie, the scam application will be downloaded by users without a doubt.

There have been a number of Squid Game scam apps that have been removed from the Play Store by Google.

The best example is an application called "Squid Wallpaper 4K HD". Under the guise of a wallpaper app with Squid Game-related content, the app distributes adware or subscribes to expensive SMS services without the user's knowledge.

"Squid Wallpaper 4K HD" contains the Joker malware that has been found in many other malicious apps on the Google Play Store. According to security researcher Lukas Stefanko, "Squid Wallpaper 4K HD" was installed on 5,000 smartphones before being removed by Google. Those who have installed this application should immediately remove it from their devices and check/cancel suspicious service packs.