Instructions for creating AI avatar images on TikTok

The AI ​​avatar creation feature on TikTok is now available for accounts so you can get an AI avatar for your TikTok.

Users will be able to choose from many different AI avatar image styles on TikTok, so that you can get the account avatar image that you like best. The feature is quite similar to the AI ​​avatar image creation tool on Zalo. The article below will guide you to create an AI avatar image on TikTok.

How to create AI avatar images on TikTok

Step 1:

First, you access your personal TikTok account interface. Then click the Edit profile button . At this point, users will see the option to Create AI avatar on TikTok for us to click to use.


Step 2:

Switching to the new interface, users click the Create button to proceed with creating an AI TikTok avatar. Display photo albums on the phone so we can choose our portrait photos . You choose a maximum of 10 photos and a minimum of 3 photos. You should choose a clear, frontal portrait photo to make it easier to recognize the image.

After selecting the photo, click the Create button below.

Step 3:

Now you are asked to choose 2 AI photo styles that you like. Scroll down to select the photo style you want to create an AI avatar on TikTok. After selecting, click Continue with 2 styles .


Step 4:

The application will display a notification that you can only create an AI avatar once a day, click Continue to continue the creation process. As a result, we will see 30 AI avatar images on TikTok as shown below. We click the Download button to download this avatar if needed.

You can click Select all to select all images, or click on the AI ​​avatar images you want and then click the Download button below.

Instructions for creating AI avatar images on TikTok Picture 10

Step 5:

Right at this interface you can set a TikTok avatar. Click on the photo you want and then select Use for profile . We can re-adjust the cropping area of ​​our profile picture and then set a profile picture for our account.


Step 6:

To review the AI ​​TikTok avatar image you created, click Edit profile and will see the option to view the created AI avatar image with a validity period of 1 week. At this point you can change to another avatar you want.