Google Chrome adds the ability to scan for viruses using cloud computing technology

Advanced Protection Program Advanced Protection Program (APP) on Google Chrome has just added a new security measure.

Last year, Google launched Advanced Protection Program (APP) to enhance the security of Google Chrome. And now, the APP continues to be added a feature that allows users to send suspicious files to Google's cloud server to conduct a comprehensive virus scan.

Advanced Protection Program brings together all of Google's strongest security measures to protect people at a higher risk of online attacks. These include human rights activists, journalists and political campaigns.

Since August of last year, the APP has the ability to warn or block malware and high-risk downloads. Google also boasted that cybercriminals are slowly giving up emailing malware because Gmail is already able to scan incoming files and attachment URLs.

Google Chrome adds the ability to scan for viruses using cloud computing technology Picture 1

The new APP feature allows users to send files they suspect is suspicious to Google's cloud servers. Here, Google will conduct a scan of this file with a comprehensive set of malware detection technologies Safe Browsing. Dynamic and static analysis techniques will be utilized. Users also do not need to worry about privacy because after scanning a short time the file will be deleted by Google.

"When a user downloads a file, Safe Browsing performs a quick metadata check, like the file's hashes, to see if it is suspicious. For any file that Safe Browsing gives you." is suspicious, users will receive an alert and the option to send the file to the cloud server to conduct a deeper scan , " Google claims.

After scanning a short time, Google will return whether the file is safe or not to the user. Naturally, users can also skip the photo and open it without scanning.

Google hopes that scanning using cloud servers will improve Chrome's ability to detect malicious code. In the future, Chrome and the APP will continue to be adding features to detect security threats, network security.