Everything about Google's online music and movie services

Music service as well as watching online movies here will be exciting with the participation of Google.

Music service as well as watching online movies here will be exciting with the participation of Google.

At the Google Developers Conference that took place in San Francisco (USA), along with the announcement of two important updates for Android OS on Tuesday - Android 3.1 and Android Ice Cream Sandwich, Google released launches Google Music online music service, along with a new online movie streaming service for Android.

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The following questions and answers section will help you to wonder about Google's new online services.

What is Google Music?

Everything about Google's online music and movie services Picture 2 Google Music is a service that allows you to store your music on Google servers. Just like the recently released Amazone Cloud Drive, you only need to upload your music once, with the help tool, and then you can listen to it anytime from your computer or Android device.

What's interesting is that everything is synchronized automatically and continuously, including playlists, so you'll have the same experience no matter which device you use. You just need to register an account with Google, and enjoy music from anywhere.

" No trouble, no need to synchronize - everything is always available ," said Paul Joyce, Google Product Manager.

Can I use Google Music yet?

The Google Music service is in beta testing, so you must have an invitation to use it ('invitation' is the preferred Google style and has been applied for Gmail - PV for the first time), and currently only for US users. Google said it will soon expand the service to the world.

What application do I need to use with Google Music?

Everything about Google's online music and movie services Picture 3 With a computer, you simply use the browser to access music.google.com page. From your phone or Android tablet, run the Google Music app with a 3D interface to enjoy songs on 'clouds' as well as on your device.

The Google Music app for Android is here to support all devices running Android 2.2 or later.

How much is Google Music online storage?

Google Music now allows users to upload 20,000 songs for free. For comparison, Amazon's Cloud Drive service accepts 1,000 items, then charges for the extra.

Google Music will always be free?

Not sure. Joyce said Google Music will be free during the beta period. But it is still unclear what the long-term pricing policy will look like.

I want to listen to music offline, like when I'm on an airplane?

No problem: The Google Music app for Android automatically saves the music you've just heard on your device, so you'll enjoy it without an Internet connection. And you can manually select specific albums or playlists from them.

Can I buy music through Google Music?

Not yet. Google has planned to create an online music store but is disagreeing with record labels (their demand is 'unreasonable and unbearable', a Google executive said).

This shows that Google is planning to negotiate with manufacturers to find an integrated music selling solution for Android users.

Can I upload music from iTunes?

OK. The Google Music uploader has an option to help you do that. As long as the file does not contain DRM (Digital Rights Management) key.

Can I use Google Music on iPhone?

Unfortunately, there is no Google Music app for iOS, and Google claims that the Web music player requires Flash support.

What is' Instant Mix "?

Google Music has a playlist creation feature called Instant Mix. It's like Pandora, limited to your own music collection: you choose a specific song, then Google Music will browse the entire music library and pick up the songs it thinks you will choose.

What about movies - how does the mechanism work?

Everything about Google's online music and movie services Picture 4 Google's online movie service lets you rent movies from the Android Market app store, then view them on the Web or from an Android device. Each time you rent a movie, you have a 30-day time limit to watch. After clicking 'play', you have 24 hours to watch (from any PC or Android device, even via YouTube if you want).

Currently Google's movie service is only available in the US.

What connection method is used when watching movies with a tablet or phone?

Wireless connection . You just choose in Android Market, and the movie will automatically 'dump' continuously (stream) to your device.

Can I watch movies offline?

OK. Google's online movie service allows you to 'dump' movies on your Android phone or tablet for later viewing, when there is no Internet connection.

Is the film rich, how is it?

Google said thousands of movies are available. You can check out the titles here.

Prices range from USD 1.99 to USD 3.99, depending on the movie.

Which Android versions support Google's online movie service?

Tablets running Android 3.1 or higher. Phones running Android 2.2 and above will have an update that supports watching movies released in the next few weeks, according to Google. Web-based viewing is available for all users.