5 undeniable benefits when playing Pokemon Go

Get to know many new people, breathe fresh air, relieve stress, increase concentration thanks to going out for a walk .... are compelling reasons to force you to try Pokemon Go now .

These days, when going out, you will easily see that people are constantly "glued" to the phone, hands are constantly touching the screen, occasionally looking up and again going in a certain direction . They are willing to go down the road, cross the bridge, cross the river, go to the gym, go to shops, cafes, even go to the dirtiest places to do something. In addition, not only young people, middle and high school students, older people do the same.

Explain this, it's all Pokemon Go !

Some argue that the appearance of Pokemon Go has led to a lot of bad things. People go out on the streets like dead bodies walking on the road and ready to . go despite the danger ahead. At the same time, the risk of accidents also increased rapidly like bumping into obstacles, crashing into cars, motorbikes parked on roads, potholes, deep holes or risks of stolen bags. While the list of harms caused by Pokemon Go is still "long", many people believe that this virtual reality game is also very beneficial for health. Here are 5 benefits that you can easily see.

1. Walk a lot

Many studies show that exposure to the natural environment is very beneficial for human health, especially mentally. And it is not difficult to say that Pokemon Go is a great way to do this, especially for those who are lazy to go out and are forced to change their habits if they want to become an excellent "hunter" Pokemon. .

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In addition to having to go out to catch Pokemin, when owning an egg, usually at Pokestop, you will have to put eggs in an incubator and wait until it expands. However, the waiting period is not short. The first eggs will require you to walk about 2km or 5km (tracked based on GPS or pedometer) until it is completed and you can only walk (cannot drive unless you go very slowly).

Obviously, walking while playing games will make you more interested than just sitting in one place!

2. Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine

It may sound unbelievable, but a series of studies confirms going out and breathing outdoors - as long as the fresh air - improves mood and health very well. In particular, absorbing with sunlight also helps you supplement vitamin D to the body, avoiding the phenomenon of vitamin D deficiency causing bad effects on the activity of muscles, heart, lungs and brain function.

However, Pokemon Go players should also be aware that when going out, apply sunscreen, wear sunglasses and other sunscreen to protect your body when the sun is too intense. Health experts insist that in the summer, we should only be exposed to the sun for a short period of 10 - 15 minutes.

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3. Pokemon Go is educational

To catch Pokemon, you must use Pokeball (a type of ball indispensable in the process of hunting Pokemon of gamers) and you will get it when going to Pokestop. Pokestop is the point Pokemon will appear, which can be cafes, gyms, high-rise buildings, residential areas, even "mysterious" areas right next to your neighbors.

According to Mark Smith, a Pokemon Go player from Peoria, he found it very interesting to play the game and learned a few places that he had never been to before and didn't know yet. He lived mainly in Peoria and just saw firsthand the Abraham Lincoln bust and set foot on the Rotary club in the region last weekend. "I am very excited to discover these wonderful things and I love Pokemon Go even more," Mark said.

4. Pokemon Go helps people get closer

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I have lived in Peoria for about 4 years now. I have never seen many people go out together, go to the park and talk so much together. Once again, technology has made people far apart but with Pokemon Go I feel the opposite. We meet, share information about rare Pokemon, how to catch them, how to hatch eggs and many other interesting things.

5. Pokemon Go helps relieve stress

Short breaks during working hours are very beneficial. They help prevent boredom, improve concentration, work productivity and give you more time to realize what you are doing, and also shape the next important task to be addressed.

Surfing Facebook, Twitter, reading news or playing IQ is much more time consuming than you think. However, playing Pokemon Go is different. You can catch one or two children, then return to work. For example, last week, I went to a Pokestop and spent 5 hours continuously writing a story. After that, I took 15 - 20 minutes to collect some goods, then hunted Pokemon near my position. The great thing is that I was able to walk again, not sitting in a game room like before.

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5 undeniable benefits when playing Pokemon Go

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