What is TOEIC? What does the TOEIC certificate mean?

How does TOEIC play a role and meaning in today's life?

Foreign language certificates and qualifications are one of the essential requirements for those who apply for jobs in agencies and organizations that require foreign language certificates. One of the most important certificates is TOEIC, a certificate that assesses English proficiency in many different fields, such as economics, commerce, tourism, . TOEIC certificate is technology in many countries. These include Vietnam and have become a basic requirement in resumes of many companies, especially foreign ones. So, what is the value of TOEIC and how do you get the TOEIC certificate?

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The basics of TOEIC

TOEIC certificate stands for Test of English for International Communication - English test article for international communication. The TOEIC test is based on the test scores the test takers take to assess, categorize and reflect English language skills. The test results are valid for 2 years in many countries and are recognized by many educational organizations and businesses.

The TOEIC test program was created by the United States Educational Testing Service (ETS) in 1979. Up to now, the ETS organization has organized millions of tests around the world. In Vietnam, the TOEIC contest started in 2001, organized and granted by representatives of IIG Vietnam.

In the past, companies and businesses took English certificates at levels A, B, C to assess input staff. But in recent years, TOEIC has been replaced by English level certificates.

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The TOEIC test format has 2 skills, including 200 questions in 120 minutes. The listening section is for 45 minutes and the reading section is for 75 minutes.

Listening Listening consists of 100 questions in 45 minutes divided into many different parts.

Part Content for each Part Part 1: Describe the picture with 6 sentences, down 4 sentences compared to the old topic Each sentence is a page with 4 answers to choose, find the right picture. Sentences that do not print on the Part 2: Questions and answers 25 questions down 5 sentences compared to the old question

Listen to a question with 3 answers, choose the answer that best fits the question given.

Part 3: Short conversation with 39 sentences, increase with 9 sentences Listening to conversation with 3 questions, with 4 answers. There is a 3-speaker conversation. Part 4: Short talk 30 sentences Listen to 10 short paragraphs of information that are not printed in the topic, each of the 3 questions is printed in the topic and find the correct answer.

Reading section has 100 sentences in 75 minutes.

Part Content for each Part Part 5: Complete the sentence 30 sentences Unfinished sentences, find the correct answer in 4 options. Part 6: Complete the paragraph of 16 sentences There are 4 short readings, each with 3 blank spaces to fill in, finding the correct answer. Appears as a sentence fill rather than just a phrase as before. Part 7: Reading and understanding the passage


Single paragraph 29 sentences There are 10 different paragraphs of material with 2-5 questions, find the correct answer in 4 options. There is a 3-paragraph reading, with more messages, filling in the gaps. 25-sentence double paragraph There are 2 double paragraphs and 3 three-paragraph paragraphs. Each paragraph has 5 questions and need to find the correct answer.

TOEIC evaluation scales

  • TOEIC 100 - 300 points: Basic level, poor ability to communicate in English
  • TOEIC 300 - 450 points: Ability to understand and communicate in English at an average level. Requirements for graduates of vocational schools, bachelor's College.
  • TOEIC 450 - 650 points: Ability to communicate in English quite well. Request for University graduates to train staff, foreign business team leaders.
  • TOEIC 650 - 850 points: Good command of English. Requirements for senior managers, executive managers, directors in foreign enterprises.
  • TOEIC 850 - 990 points: Ability to communicate in English very well.

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What is TOEIC? What does the TOEIC certificate mean?

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