What is IE error on LG washing machine? The cause and how to fix it

Your LG washing machine, instead of working normally, stops and on the screen appears the word 'IE' blinking continuously. This sign indicates that your washing machine is faulty and in need of repair.

So what is 'IE' error, the cause and how to fix IE error on LG washing machine? Let's find out through the article below.

IE on washing machine is what error?

According to the manufacturer's instructions, the IE error on the washer is a water supply error. When this error occurs, the water supply to the washing machine is not stable.

Both the front door LG washing machine and the top door are likely to have an IE error.

Causes LG washing machine to show IE error and how to fix it

Below are the causes that can cause the LG washing machine to show IE error, you should check each error one by one to know where your home appliance is faulty and how to fix it.

  1. Because the washing machine is not supplied with water. To fix this, you should check if the water supply valve is locked, check if the water in the water supply tank for the washing machine is still water .
  2. Because the water supply valve's filter screen is blocked by dirt, moss or foreign object. In this case, you should remove the water inlet valve filter screen and clean it.
  1. Damaged water supply valve prevents water from being pumped into the washing machine. You just need to replace the water supply valve.
  2. The circuit board (the operation controller of the water supply valve) is damaged. To fix this error you need to call the company's warranty center for help.