How to use washing machine durable and effective?

To be able to use long and durable washing machines depends a lot on how we use them. Attention when using the washing machine will be necessary for every family.

Proper use of the washing machine not only helps the machine operate properly, at the right capacity, helps you reduce the work in the family but especially extends the life of the machine. How we start the machine, the daily use of the machine, . will play an important role in using efficient washing machines. Therefore, some notes are necessary for every family when using the washing machine.

1. The weight of clothing does not exceed the allowable limit:

If the amount of clothing put in excess of the amount of washing machine allowed will cause the machine to operate excessively and cause damage to some parts. When overloaded, the device will often sound loud and may stop working, and if too many clothes are put in it may cause clothes to fall out of the washing bucket and be stuck between the washing bucket and the chassis.

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Besides, such overload washing will definitely prevent the machine from cleaning the clothes as desired. Washing clothes in a moderate amount, in accordance with the standard of the machine not only helps to protect the washing machine. you avoid malfunction but also ensure the effective cleaning of your family's clothes.

2. Choose the right kind of detergent and moderate:

Today's types of washing machines are often integrated into many complex technologies and electronic circuit boards. Giving too much detergent can lead to too much foam being created and spilling out of the washing bucket, the moisture from the foam will then crept moisture and damage these electronic circuits and rust Other parts of the washing machine.

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It is best to use laundry detergents or specialized laundry detergents with a machine to limit the production of too many bubbles. The amount of washers and detergents should follow the manufacturer's instructions.

3. Classification and inspection of clothes:

This will help you not only clean clothes but also help protect the washing machine's drum, avoid collisions with foreign objects such as lighters, keys . neglected inside clothes damaged washing tub.

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Before putting things in the machine, it is advisable to check if there is anything left in the pocket of clothes, pull the lock and put all the buttons on the clothes if you do not want a good day to bring your washing machine to fix cure because the washing cage is damaged.

4. Position of balancing and ventilating machine:

If the machine is placed in an unbalanced position, it is very easy to make errors such as: water does not flow into the detergent drawer and discharge water, water leaks out, the washing bucket is tilted leading to the machine making noise when transport onion, reduce the life of the machine.

Place the device in a dry place so that water does not fall into the keyboard, control panel or moisture entering the electronic components inside the machine. If you fall into it, you need to dry it immediately.

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5. Limit washing too little:

Washing too few items not only saves you electricity and water, but also makes you have to do it several times, and too little clothes don't make your clothes cleaner than usual. Remember, the more times you have to operate, the faster the machine will reduce its life and consume more electricity and water.

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6. Regular cleaning and maintenance of machines:

Regular cleaning of the machine not only helps your machine and house look cool, but also helps to protect the machine from having debris in and out of the washing bucket, leading to increased machine friction. running noise. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it can also appear alum, moss, sandy soil, etc. Close at the valve, the exhaust valve incorrectly causes water to waste power and does not clean the clothes.

Cleaning the washing machine regularly will increase the service life of the machine, making it more safe and stable, clothes are washed cleaner. In addition, regular cleaning of the machine also helps you detect potential damage, thereby taking preventive measures.

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Above are the notes, necessary when we use the washing machine. Not that you wash less clothes will be good for the machine, but it should be based on the number of kgs specified in each machine to help the machine operate properly. In the process of use, it is necessary to have a regular cleaning plan, regular maintenance to ensure the durability of the machine.

Hope the above article is useful to you!