Top 5 cheap washing machines for students and boarders

See the cheap washing machine models that fluctuate around VND 4 million, which is best suited for students and boarders so that they do not have to worry about washing clothes in this cold winter!

In this article, will introduce you to 5 best cheap washing machines, most suitable for students, renters, single people . to dispel the worry of self-care. Washing clothes, especially in the cold weather of winter.

If you are a student, a boarder, or a single person . you need to save time, effort in washing clothes, protect your hands and feet from corrosion by washing powder, need to deal with Washing clothes in the winter but do not want to use the laundry service because of worries about quality, hygiene, lost clothes . do not miss the top 5 cheap washing machines just under 4 million The best copper will be introduced shortly!

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Cheap washing machines are suitable for students, renters .

Top 5 best cheap washing machines today

Washing machine Sharp ES-U72GV-H

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Sharp washing machine ES-U72GV-H has a laundry weight of 7.2kg, which can meet the laundry needs for 1-2 people. With the design of the drum without holes made of stainless steel, you can rest assured:

  1. Clothes are not rubbed into the holes during washing, limiting the fabric to be frayed, torn like in machines using washing machine with regular holes.
  2. Limiting the arising of bacteria, mold, keep clothes always washed clean, fragrant.
  3. Significant saving of water during washing.

The device is equipped with Ag + silver ion double-spiral pulsator, which creates a strong reversible swirl to dispel any stubborn stains, while limiting clothes tangled together, antibacterial, deodorizing effect.

Sharp washing machine ES-U72GV-H has up to 6 different washing programs for you to choose to suit each type of fabric. Besides, you can also take advantage of the automatic drum cleaning mode to not waste time, effort and hygiene, while ensuring that the washing bucket is always clean, free of debris, helping to wash clothes effectively. than.

The selling price of Sharp ES-U72GV-H washing machine on the market currently ranges from VND 3.6 to 4.3 million .

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Washing machine Aqua AQW-S72CT

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The Aqua AQW-S72CT washing machine is capable of washing up to 7.2kg of clothes each time, using powder coating metal material for the housing, stainless steel for the drum and tempered glass for the lid, giving durability belgium and beautiful design for the device. This will be an option you should consider when looking for cheap washing machines which are good for students, renters.

The machine is equipped with up to 7 automatic washing modes, including three outstanding modes:

  1. Quick wash mode : Helps clothes be washed in a short time, especially suitable for less dirty clothes, greatly saving the waiting time for drying clothes.
  2. Extremely dry spin mode : Helps clothes to be squeezed out of water completely, making sure to dry faster in case of need to use folding clothes, on cloudy days, without sunshine, less wind .
  3. Automatic restart mode when power failure : Help users not have to manually reset washing mode each time the power is cut.

The Aqua AQW-S72CT washing machine saves water with a consumption of only 114 liters, so you can be assured that your water bill will not skyrocket when using the device.

The current selling price of the device in the market is about VND 3.9 - 4.2 million .

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Washing machine Sharp U78GV-H

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The Sharp U78GV-H washing machine has a weight of 7.8kg, which helps you wash more clothes each time, no need to divide multiple times, significantly saving electricity costs for washing.

The machine is also equipped with a holeless Pump-up drum to protect your clothes from fraying, scratching, tearing . effectively. In particular, the Ag + Silver-ion Screw-Dolphin pulsator of the machine not only has the ability to create a strong reversible swirl to clean all stubborn stains, avoid twisting clothes, but also helps to deodorize, antibacterial for better clothes.

With the Sharp U78GV-H washing machine, you can choose one of many washing, automatic spin modes such as regular washing, thick laundry, quick wash, thin laundry, blanket washing, baby laundry, dry spin. . to suit your laundry needs in the most convenient way. In particular, the automatic cleaning mode of the washing bucket will help you not to waste your energy and still effectively remove all dirt, washing powder residues so that your clothes are always washed the best.

Washing machine Sharp U78GV-H has the current market price of about 4 - 4.5 million .

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Panasonic washing machine NA-F76VS9HRV

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Panasonic NA-F76VS9HRV washing machine has a load of 7.6kg, equipped with up to 9 automatic washing programs such as regular washing, light wash, quick wash, water-saving washing, blanket washing, baby clothes . should be able to wash a variety of clothes, meet many different needs of users.

One highlight that makes Panasonic NA-F76VS9HRV highly appreciated is that although it is in the affordable washing machine segment, it still applies many advanced and modern technologies to bring the best and convenient experience. best for users. Some of the typical technologies and utilities on the product include:

  1. Eco Aquabeat Technology : Creates a constant swirl of water to wash clothes cleaner.
  2. Aqua Spin Rinse spin extraction mode : Use a modern suction system to deeply absorb detergent and clean clothes more efficiently while saving water.
  3. Dancing water stream and washing bucket Sazanami : Create strong and intermittent water to clean but do not damage clothes.
  4. Self-cleaning mode of washing tub : Helps to clean the washing bucket effectively without effort and time.
  5. Automatic restart mode after power : Help users not to turn on and reset washing modes due to power outages.
  6. Econavi Sensor : Identify clothing weight, temperature to adjust time and amount of water used, helping to save optimum amount of water and power consumption during washing.

The selling price of the device on the market today ranges between VND 4.3 - 4.9 million .

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Washing machine Samsung WA85M5120SW / SV

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Samsung WA85M5120SW / SV washing machine has a washing volume of up to 8.5kg, can meet the laundry needs for a family.

With a unique pulsator design, the machine creates a multidirectional flow of water to knock away any stains on clothes without tangling the clothes. In addition, the machine has a Magic Filter to filter lint, dirt, to help you be assured your clothes are always cleaned and the drainage pipes are not clogged.

The machine is equipped with 6 automatic washing modes, allowing you to choose depending on the type of clothes, blanket, level of laundry . to not only clean but also save time and money. washing clothes as well as protecting clothes, blankets . more effectively. In particular, you can use the support function of washing the drum to ensure that your clothes are always cleaned, free of debris without much effort to clean the washing bucket.

The selling price of the product on the market today is about VND 4.3 - 5.5 million .

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Hopefully the above information will be useful and help students, residents, single people . choose a washing machine that guarantees cheap price, quality, clean and protect brand clothes. fruits to dispel the worry of having to wash your own clothes by hand, especially this winter!