Should I buy a washing machine with a drying function?

Currently, some types of washing machines have integrated drying function, which helps users to save time washing quite a lot, especially humid weather like in the North.

Currently there are many washing machines that incorporate a drying function, which helps to reduce laundry work. Especially with the weather in the North, when the season is humid, the clothes are often dry, this feature will help the clothes smoother and clean with only one washing step in the washing machine. However, whether to buy a dry washer, or what precautions to use when using this type of washing machine? Please read our article below.

1) What are the advantages of a washing machine?

  1. Clothes dry faster, when washing is finished, users can use them immediately or store them in cabinets, saving time as well as not being dependent on the weather like before.
  2. Suitable for busy consumers thanks to their ability to save exposure time. With the washing machine, you just need to put the clothes in, turn on the button, then select the appropriate washing program for the fabric already installed on the device.
  3. Clothes after drying are easier
  4. Clothing avoids the sun's UV rays, helping durable clothes do not fade
  5. Suitable for families who do not have much space for clothes drying.
  6. Washing machine is a savior for users when in the rainy season in the South as well as in winter, wet season in the North.

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2) Limitations of dry washers:

  1. It consumes more power. The average washing machine consumes about 500 W / h on average. Meanwhile, hot and dry water washing machines consume an average of about 2200 W / h.
  2. Time for a long dry cleaning.
  3. Clothes are spoiled, especially elastic material
  4. Clothes are easy to get creased if you don't remove clothes after drying.
  5. The price is high, the lowest is also about 15 million VND.
  6. Machines with drying function usually use only one or two seasons / year. Other colors are not necessary.

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3) Precautions when buying and using a dry washer:

  1. Select the type of machine with the appropriate capacity for the household. Depending on the number of people in the family and the need to use, you can choose to buy a washing machine with a suitable capacity, which can be 5kg, 7kg, 10kg, . For families with 4 to 5 people It is recommended to choose washing machine with washing volume from 5.5 kg / batch - 6.5 kg per batch and maximum squeezing speed from 550 - 650 rpm is enough to meet the washing demand. For families with more members, it is possible to choose products with a higher washing volume and spin rate.
  2. Select dry washers with anti-wrinkle function to limit wrinkled clothes during drying.
  3. Choose the type of reputable dry washer in the market, have a long warranty period and a good warranty center.
  4. Choose the right detergent for your washing machine to get the best washing effect. The best cleaners for dry cleaners are usually less foamy with high cleaning effect.

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