7 common error codes on Bosch dishwashers and how to fix them

Here are 7 common error codes on Bosch dishwashers that consumers often encounter during use and how to fix them, please refer to.

1. Error E01 on the Bosch dishwasher

Error E01 on the Bosch dishwasher, is a system error, related to the internal components. So, if you see this error screen, turn off the machine with the ON / OFF button, close the water cover, unplug the power supply and finally call the service center.


2. Error E09

Error E09 appears on the monitor screen when the heating and water heating system is having problems. For this error you need to contact the nearest supported service center.

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3. Error E11

Error E11 appears due to a faulty Bosch dishwasher on the thermal sensor or on the controller board. To fix this problem, you must replace the damaged part. So call a reputable service center or repair center for assistance.

4. Error E14

The cause of the E14 error is usually caused by the water flow sensor not working or the inlet valve is damaged, the electronic board is burnt.

Pressure problem, you can solve by tilting the device to the left 15-20 degrees for about 5 minutes. If the monitor screen still shows error, you should replace the sensor.

In addition, you should also check and clean the suction tube, filter of the machine. Disconnect the hose from the machine and clean the filter under the tap water.

Some system problems related to water source such as water sensor, damaged inlet valve, faulty board. To fix these errors, turn off the water supply, turn off the machine, unplug the power supply and call a service center.

5. Error code E15

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Error E15 of the Bosch dishwasher appears when water in the compartment is leaking out of the machine floor, the machine cannot operate after a few minutes of start up and the water error light 'blinks'.

To fix, remove the side panels and dry the machine floor. If the leak persists, the module may have a problem or the engine compartment has been punctured. Now call the product supplier for assistance.

6. Bosch dishwasher error E18

The cause of the E18 error code on the Bosch dishwasher is a motherboard fault, the water level is too low (related to the water inlet valve) or a damaged float switch causing water to be pumped continuously.

To fix it, check the water inlet valve and float switch, replace if damaged. In the case the valve and float are still normal, the cause may be a faulty board. For this technical problem you have to ask the support of the service center.

7. Error E19

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Bosch dishwasher error E19 when water is leaked to the base, the sensor float is activated, causing the machine to stop working. The cause of this condition can be due to 1 of 3 reasons: motherboard fault, water drain blockage, drain valve in heat exchanger has worn out or damaged.

To fix the E19 error, first clean the drain, clean up any leftovers. If the error persists, please contact a professional repairer for assistance.

8. Error E27

Error code E27 on the dishwasher appears due to the voltage of the power supply is flicker or too low

To fix this error, you should use a voltage stabilizer so that the power supply is always stable, do not share the dishwasher with the power outlet with other household appliances and avoid using the machine during peak hours.