Should I choose to buy a washing machine how many kgs is reasonable?

How to choose the right type of washing machine that my home needs. Follow's guide to buying a kilo washing machine below.

Choosing to buy washing machines for the family, in addition to the factors we care about such as product brands, washing machine prices, front-loading washing machines or rear-door washing machines, the amount of clothes that washing machines can handle The reason is also very important. If you choose a washing machine with a washing capacity that exceeds the star with demand, it will consume the machine's operating capacity and the cost of electricity is also high. If choosing a washing machine that does not meet the weight of the clothes every day, it will make the laundry more difficult. So how can you choose to buy the right kind of washing machine that your home needs.

1. How much does the family's laundry need?

First of all, in order to choose the right washing machine capacity (how much washing weight) is suitable, you need to know how to wash your family's needs first. For example, on average, how many clothes a day do you wash your house, how many members do you have in your house, if you have children in your home, you have to wash more often with more frequent frequency.

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If you are wondering what kind of washing machine you should buy for your family, you can consult some products at online shopping channel to receive enthusiastic advice:

You should also note, the amount of laundry published on washing machines is usually the amount of dry clothes (when no water is added). For example, a 7 kg recorder means that the washing machine can only wash up to 7 kg of clothing at most and does not include the weight of water added to the machine when washing.

In addition, it is not effective to have too few or too many clothes in the washing machine. Normally, we should only put in a digital washing machine with about 70 to 80% of the capacity of the machine so that we can achieve optimum washing efficiency.

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For example, your home washing machine can wash up to 7 kgs, it is best to wash once every 5 to 6 kgs of laundry once and absolutely not give more than 7 kg, then the machine will have to do Overload, easy to fail and clothes are not clean.

The most accurate way is to try to weigh or estimate the clothes that your home needs to wash in a day. From that point on, the washing machine that you should buy how many pounds is reasonable. For example, a pair of jeans usually weighs about 0.3 to 0.5 kg.

2. How much is a reasonable selection of washing machines?

For the above-mentioned reasons, it is best to choose an extra washing machine of between 1 and 2 kg, to ensure that the cleaning effect as mentioned above and the case of unexpected cases need more washing or just single Your family is about to welcome a new member. In case you do not want to calculate the complexity and needs of your family's laundry nothing special, you can also refer to how to choose the washing machine according to the estimate below:

  1. House with 2 to 3 people: choose washing machine with washing volume less than 7.5 kg.
  2. Houses from 4 to 5 people: choose washing machines from 7.5 kg to 8.5 kg.
  3. House over 6 people: choose washing machine from 8.5 kg or more.

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Choosing for yourself a washing machine that fits your needs not only saves you the cost of buying unnecessary excess capacity, but also helps you to avoid wasting electricity and water when using it, such as having to split clothes washing several times and wasting effort and consuming electricity and water (if purchasing is insufficient). Or buy a washing machine with a capacity that is too large to meet the demand, wasting electricity and water when using (if you choose excess capacity).

Hope this article is useful to you!

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