Smash Colors 3D Arena melodies Music game on your phone

If you are a lover of games that bring great audio experience, Smash Colors 3D is not a bad choice.


  1. Immerse yourself in the world of extremely vibrant music from many countries around the world. 
  2. Colorful rotation changes according to the rhythm as well as the beat of each background song.
  3. The operation is extremely simple but requires ingenuity and judgment from the player. 
  4. Countless spheres, colored smoke-creating objects make the levels more uplifting and interesting.
  5. Collection of extreme EDM-specific backdrops.

Smash Colors 3D has a simple but equally challenging gameplay with colorful swirls and vibrant melodies that will give players an exciting experience.

I. Details Smash Colors 3D

  1. Genre :  Music ,  Popularity
  2. Graphics : 3D
  3. Modes : Online, Offline
  4. Age : 4 years old and up 
  5. Publisher :  Badsnowball Limited
  6. Operating system :  Android  5.0 and above,  iOS  9.0 and above
  7. Release date : July 25, 2020
  8. Game price : Free 

II. Gameplay Smash Colors 3D

1. Gameplay 

Smash Colors 3D has a very simple gameplay, the player's task will be to navigate and move his smoke ball to the right part of the circle with the color similar to the color of the ball. 

Smash Colors 3D Arena melodies Music game on your phone Picture 1

However, the challenge for players is posed when the colored parts of the circle can be located in different positions, moving, shrinking, . In addition, with each background song will be divided into different segments and each time they change the color of the ball will be able to change randomly to create interesting surprises for the game. 

On the background of EDM music, smoke moves, swaying to the music with extremely beautiful colors, creating a very vibrant atmosphere, creating a great sense of excitement. player.

Smash Colors 3D Arena melodies Music game on your phone Picture 2

2. Diverse music warehouse

Smash Colors 3D owns an extremely diverse music warehouse. Players can find countless songs, from many genres and in many different countries appearing in the game. In addition, to help players easily search and choose for themselves the songs, in Smash Colors 3D, players can choose to search for hot songs or favorite songs. 

Smash Colors 3D Arena melodies Music game on your phone Picture 3

Players can own more songs by upgrading themselves or buying diamonds as the currency received after each level of play. 

3. Smoke balls 

In Smash Colors 3D the smoke ball plays a no small role to make the game more interesting, colorful and exciting. The orbs will change color and fade after each stage of the song to create colorful and fun gameplay.

Smash Colors 3D Arena melodies Music game on your phone Picture 4

In addition, the player can change the shape of the smoke balls to make them more fun and beautiful. 

4. The main background

Besides being able to change the shape of the smoke balls, the player can choose to change the background around the screen. With countless different backgrounds but using dark tones, combining subtle lines to create a dynamic, EDM feel.

Smash Colors 3D Arena melodies Music game on your phone Picture 5

III. Sound and graphics 

Smash Colors 3D is a music game, so the sound is one of the most outstanding features of the game. With countless songs from many countries, along with powerful EDM-oriented sound effects, it will give players moments of entertainment immersed in extremely great music.

The graphics of the game are designed in EDM style with dark tones as the main theme. On that background, the harmonious combination, multi-color variations from rays of light, smoke, and rotating effects create an extremely vibrant and energetic atmosphere, helping to bring players. extremely great entertainment feeling. 

IV. Detailed configuration

  1. Android: Android 5.0 and above 
  2. iOS: iOS 9.0 and above 

Smash Colors 3D gives players extremely entertaining moments with vibrant music and colorful space. With a simple but equally challenging gameplay, this will be an extremely great choice to experience after hours of stressful working hours.

V. Download Smash Colors 3D

  1. Link download Smash Colors 3D for Android
  2. Link download Smash Colors 3D for iOS (iPhone-iPad)