Should iPhone 7, 7+ update iOS 14?

Apple launches iOS 14 to support many iPhone models. A lot of people using iPhone 7 / iPhone 7+ are wondering whether to upgrade their operating system? TipsMake will help you find the answer.

iPhone 7 was tested running iOS 14.2 for a few days and it delivers quite impressive software performance results.

Although iPhone 7 users have seen some bugs and performance issues, iOS 14.2 basically completes the task at a fairly high level.

The software runs extremely smoothly, significantly faster than iOS 13. Apps open faster and the device's animation is sharp.

We did not notice any delay when opening items like the Notification Center, Control Center or the keyboard. These are the areas where users often experience lag on previous versions.

Battery life is stable in this version update, no issues reported with Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS. These connections are very stable.

Applications such as Netflix, Chrome, Gmail, Facebook, and Messenger all run smoothly and stably, with no lagging.

Application developers continue to push out iOS 14 support updates to fix bugs, fix security, and solve problems that appear on the application.

Overall, iOS 14.2 runs smoothly on the iPhone 7. The test did not find any bugs too big or performance problems that are so annoying that users cannot use them.

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iPhone 7 updated to iOS 14.2: Errors and fixes

The iOS 14.2 experience on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is quite good, but it still has some issues.

Issues to include are abnormal battery drain, connection problems, user interface lag, third-party apps not running properly, faulty Touch ID, .

If these problems make you a lot of trouble, please wait hard for Apple to release the update to fix the next time.


iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus can still run iOS 14 normally, even well. Please prepare enough space to install this operating system because it weighs more than 2Gb.