Notes when buying wireless mice for office people

A few experiences, note when buying wireless mouse for you.

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Today, wireless technology devices are slowly taking over the technology market and attracting consumers' attention. These wireless devices offer countless undeniable benefits. It not only meets all the technological needs but also helps your desk to be more compact because there is no need for cumbersome wires.

Among those wireless devices, wireless mice have also become a technology trend favored by many users. Especially the office staff, because of its usability.

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However, if you want to buy a good wireless mouse, not everyone knows. Because there are so many different wireless mouse models available in the market today. If you are wondering what product to choose for yourself, the following article will advise you on what to note before choosing to buy the product.

1. Mouse uses wireless or Bluetooth

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Currently on the market the computer mouse will have 2 types for you to choose. One is the type of mouse that uses wireless waves, to use them you need to have a receiver named FR to attach to the USB port of the computer. The second type is Bluetooth mouse, with this type of mouse you will not need to use the receiver anymore, at this point you will save a USB space to use for other purposes.

In terms of usability, compared to Bluetooth mice, wireless-based mice will run faster and can operate longer distances than Bluetooth-connected mice. However, the wireless mouse has a big drawback: when you miss the receiver FR, your mouse is useless, can't be used anymore. Most users now choose the mouse to use wireless waves and it is preferred over Bluetooth mice.

2. Size and shape of the mouse

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This criterion will depend on the actual size and preferences of each person. For example, for women who often have small hands, they will prioritize the selection of small sized mice that will suit their usage needs. On the contrary, for men, there are big hands, they like big sized mice, sporty and powerful designs to help them easily manipulate. This criterion will be suitable for each person's needs when using computers.

3. Price

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Like other technology devices, the price of wireless mice is also an important criterion for users to choose. To meet the needs of customers, manufacturers have launched many product segments.

Different line of segments will be suitable for different customers such as office people, graphic people or gamers. The price of universal wireless mice can range from 150,000 VND to 200,000 VND. The quality of the product will also vary from there, by which currency.

For more information about products and prices of wireless computer mice, you can refer here.

4. Battery

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Unlike traditional wired mice, wireless mice will need batteries for use. In the market today there are many types of batteries with different prices and usage times. There are several types of batteries that can be used for several hours, but they can last up to several months. So, when choosing to buy a mouse, ask the seller how long it takes to replace the battery. This also helps you align the selling price.

5. Manufacturer and distributor

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There will be many users interested in this criterion when buying wireless mice. Because branded products on the market often have better quality products. This helps consumers somewhat more assured of mouse quality. You should also consult distributors and reputable wireless mouse sellers.

The above is the experience and some little advice for those who are wondering whether to choose to buy wireless optical mouse to suit themselves.

Wish you could buy the mouse as you like.