New finding: Drinking 1 glass of wine has the same effect as 1 hour of gym

Here is a new finding: Drinking 1 glass of wine is equivalent to 1 hour of gym. Invite you to consult!

Do you like drinking wine and hate having to go to the gym every day? This is good news for you. Invite you to consult!

Recent research conducted by experts at the University of Alberta in Canada has found unexpected health benefits in the active ingredient resveratrol ( a non-flavonoid-class antioxidant phytoalexin ), a The substance found in red wine has the same health effects as when we exercise.

So if you drink wine also works better than the gym, then perhaps the effort to the gym for so long has been wasted?

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According to Jason Dyck, the head of the study, " This finding is a great solution for patients with motor disabilities who cannot exercise anymore. Resveratrol can improve their ability. Physical activity, increased cardiovascular function and muscle strengthening - effects that appear every time we exercise , so people who are physically incapacitated can improve their health without going to the gym " .

" Besides, I think resveratrol can help most patients who are incapacitated but want to exercise. Resveratrol can simulate the effects of gyms, thereby improving the health situation. healthy with the minimum exercises they can practice "- Dyck shared.

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Discussing the health benefits of wine has been quite well documented in the literature. Many previous studies have shown that drinking a glass of wine a day can reduce the risk of dementia, improve cardiovascular function, anti-aging, and even reduce the risk of cancer. and can stabilize blood sugar. And now, those studies also support the fact that it also increases heart rate? This is a great discovery.

The active ingredient resveratrol has been found to improve physical activity, heart function and muscle strength in the same way, like when the body improves after an exercise session.

Although this may be completely applicable, studies of resveratrol in red wine have only been done in mice, not humans. Although the mouse's processing and metabolism are almost similar to humans, there is still no certainty.

However, anyway, following Dyck drinking a glass of wine every day doesn't hurt. If you can't drink alcohol, try blueberry, peanut butter, red grapes or dark chocolate - all very rich in resveratrol. Remember to balance everything in your daily diet.

In addition, it should be noted that: " This scientific discovery does not mean that you should choose alcohol instead. Because red wine is only effective when using the right dose every day. If more, red wine can be counterproductive, cause muscle atrophy, disrupt the process of body recovery ".

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