Lost Ark: Useful tips gamers need to know

Lost Ark is a new multiplayer action role-playing game from Smilegate and Amazon Games. In just its second day of release in Europe and the US, Lost Ark surpassed GTA and Valorant to become the most popular game on Twitch with 1.2 million viewers.

This extremely hot game Lost Ark combines elements commonly found in the MMORPG genre with a top-down perspective, lots of loot, and a surprisingly deep story. If you're just getting started with Lost Ark, you might be a bit overwhelmed by all of its systems.

While the game does a great job of pacing, there's no denying that Lost Ark's customization options, available classes, dozens of menus, and massive world can be a bit of a hassle. Here are some Lost Ark tips and tricks for beginners.

Lost Ark game tips

Follow the Main Quest and Guide Quest

As usual with MMOs, the first few hours players will be spent scrolling through the Main Quest. Not only will this provide a huge amount of experience points, but it will also introduce new areas, characters, and gameplay mechanics that everyone will use throughout the next Lost Ark playthrough.

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While Main Quests propel the game forward and often yield large amounts of XP, people will also need to pay attention to the Tutorial Quests. They are periodically unlocked upon passing challenges and are easily recognizable by the purple color in the game menu.

These tutorials teach the player important features, such as using pets, sailing, etc. Make sure to complete the tutorial missions as soon as possible to fully benefit from the rewards.

Don't spam skills

Constant spamming of attacks is the go-to loser in most games, and that's especially true of Lost Ark. Players can get through most of the initial missions without thinking too much, but in the end understanding each skill is very important.

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Knowing which skills have a long cooldown, which skills take down enemies, or which take a long time to cast, are all keys to success. So prioritize using skills with long cooldowns first, instead of spamming everything as a quick path to defeat.

Experiment with your own setup

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Besides understanding the skills, it's also important to know your skill set and currently equipped abilities. Lost Ark makes it easy for people to build their own way, so take advantage to find a layout that suits your playstyle.

Most classes are quite flexible and can be played in many different ways, so don't be afraid to completely change your character.

Create an alternate account

As each class comes with a variety of skills and preferred gameplay, make sure everyone takes some time to create alternate characters and explore everything Lost Ark has to offer. People wouldn't want to indulge in 100 hours of Warrior play only to find themselves more interested in playing the Mage role.

Activate Triport

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The world of Lost Ark is huge. Mounts help navigate individual maps, but Triport is the best way to navigate great distances. Make sure to enable every Triport of the ports people come across. Keep in mind that they don't activate just because the character is nearby, but require actual interaction before they can be used.