JavaScript in HTML

In HTML, JavaScript makes the page more flexible and interactive.

In HTML, JavaScript makes the web more flexible and interactive. JavaScript plays a rather important role for websites. If you want to verify this, you can try turning off JavaScript in your browser and browsing the web to see if anything is wrong.

  1. What is JavaScript? Can the Internet exist without JavaScript?
  2. Enable and disable JavaScript on Chrome browser
  3. Arrays and objects in JavaScript are like stories and newspapers!

You can copy the code below and run it in the browser to see a little bit about how JavaScript will help web pages.

My First JavaScript



Some examples of JavaScript

Change HTML content

 document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = "Xin chào JavaScript!"; 

Change style in HTML

 document.getElementById("demo").style.fontSize = "25px"; 
document.getElementById("demo").style.color = "red";
document.getElementById("demo").style.backgroundColor = "yellow";

Change HTML properties

 document.getElementById("image").src = "picture.gif"; 



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