Is your pot set properly used?

There must be a few sets of pots in every family. So have you used the pot properly? Please refer to the article below to get the answer.

There must be a few sets of pots in every family. So have you used the pot properly? Please refer to the article below to get the answer.

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I. Set of aluminum pots

Limit corrosive foods

  1. Aluminum is a material that cannot withstand corrosive substances, so when using aluminum cookware for your family, you should not cook acidic, alkaline, and salt foods because it will produce a reaction. Learn to form harmful compounds for the body.
  2. Do not leave leftover food in aluminum pots for a long time to avoid health damage and reduce pot life.

Limit the use of aluminum pot sets for a long time

No matter how cautious you use, you will not be able to avoid aluminum corrosion when cooking for a long time.

Therefore, after a period of use, when you see the surface of aluminum pot is no longer shiny, there are tiny pits or colors . then it is time to replace the pot.

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Cleaning with soft brush

When cleaning you should also use a brush or a soft cloth, a sponge dish to prevent scratching the surface of the aluminum pot.

Usually the quality aluminum pot will have a surface protection, using a soft brush will help you extend the life of this layer in use.

II. Stainless steel pot set

Use with low heat and don't heat the pot for too long on the stove

  1. Leaving the stainless steel pot for too long on the stove or cooking using a large fire will easily leave yellow stains. This makes it difficult to clean the pot, ruining the pot and losing the aesthetics of the pot.
  2. The stainless steel saucepan with a fairly thin bottom will also be susceptible to black or yellowing, burning food if you use it to store or stir-fry. You should only use 1 pot for boiled and soup dishes.
  3. Hygiene when the stainless steel pot is hot makes the pot with thermal shock is also the cause of the stain yellow aesthetic.

Limit cooking and storing corrosive foods

High-grade stainless steel pot 304 has low oxidation ability, almost will not oxidize. But with stainless steel 430 or 201 cookers, the ability to oxidize is higher, so it easily reacts to corrosive foods when cooked long or left in the pot.

So to ensure you should not use stainless steel pot to store food overnight.

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Do not use sharp and metallic objects on stainless steel pots

Using a metal spoon or spoon will cause stainless steel pot surface to be scratched, so the safe solution for you is the wooden spoon. Also when cleaning the pot you should also note the use of soft brushes to make the pot have a longer life.

III. Anti-stick pot set

Avoid thermal shock

Here are some mistakes that make the quick-proof coating of the pot fast:

  1. Let the pot not have long hot food on the kitchen
  2. Add too much grease when cooking with a non-stick pot
  3. Cook at high temperatures.

No matter how high-end non-stick pot is, it will only withstand a certain temperature and when it is too high, it will decompose. To avoid this, you should use small fire during the cooking process, while avoiding the action of causing heat shock on the surface of the pot when cooking.

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Avoid using metal spoons and forks when cooking

You should be careful not to use a spoon, stainless steel spoon or scrub with a metal dishwasher. Because this will scratch the surface of the pot to prevent it from contaminating the toxic substance when cooking.

Besides, when preserving the pot, you should not overlap or let other pots and pans on the non-stick surface also scratch the pot's non-stick layer.

Replace when the surface of the non-stick coating is broken

When the non-stick layer is broken, it is best to buy a new pot instead. Absolutely not take advantage of them, it just loses the aesthetic and does not guarantee safety when using.

IV. Top sets of pot used by many housewives today

1. Set of non-stick premium pot Berndes Injoy-Nr.063101 (4 pcs) - Reference price: VND 5,500,000

Berndes Injoy-Nr.063101 anti-stick pot set is luxurious, polite, suitable for every family kitchen. The pot set is made of stainless steel 18/10, the surface is polished to help clean easily and increase aesthetics. In particular, the pot is covered with high-grade non-stick coating, 100% PFOA free, effective anti-sticking, ensuring safety for health.

Specially designed pot bottom, made of magnetic steel combined with 6mm thick aluminum core, is durable, does not deform over time. 5-layer bottom design combined with anti-slip groove, increases thermal conductivity efficiency and keeps heat longer, ensuring safe use. Therefore, the cooker can be used for all types of stoves, including induction cookers.

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  1. Warranty: 48 months
  2. Made in: Germany
  3. Brand: Germany
  4. Type of kitchen used: Induction cooker; Electric stove; Gas stove; Kitchen infrared.

2. Anti-stick soup pot Supor S08AT1 - Reference price: VND 890,000

Supor S08AT1 set of 4 pots with 4 different sizes suitable for processing each dish. The pot set is made of aluminum alloy material that helps heat transfer quickly to make your food fast.

The pot is coated with anti-stick layer to help cook better and easily clean, the outside of the pot is coated with an electrostatic paint with many different colors will make your kitchen space a fresh space to help increase the feeling inspired to cook for the family.

The pot is made of thick aluminum alloy material, fast thermal conductivity, heat emission all help fast food ripe and save gas. Soft oxidation techniques form 3 layers firmly around the pot, helping the pot with high durability and isolating food that comes in direct contact with aluminum, thus ensuring safety for users' health.

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  1. Made in Vietnam
  2. Brand: France
  3. Type of kitchen used: Gas stove

3. Sunhouse SH336 3-bottom stainless steel pot set - Reference price: VND 379,000

SH336 stainless steel pot set is good for all types of cookers, such as gas stove, infrared stove, including induction cooker. Therefore, you will save a significant cost because you do not need to buy a new pot when switching from gas stove to electromagnetic stove.

Sunhouse SH336 is designed with 3 bottom layers welded together by high frequency welding method. The two outer layers of stainless steel have been treated to minimize chemical reactions. The middle layer is the round aluminum plate used to increase the thermal conductivity.

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Cooker pan is made from transparent tempered glass which is convenient to observe the cooking process as well as the food inside without opening many times. Tempered glass withstands strong impact, safe for users and easy to clean.


  1. Made in Vietnam
  2. Brand: Korea
  3. Color: Silvery white
  4. Quantity: 3 pcs

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