'Armor' for PC

Today's computer case has many different materials. From aluminum, steel, iron, iron, stainless steel to mica, glass (rarer) .... in which aluminum is the most preferred because of its fast heat dissipation, light weight, beautiful color.

Today's computer case has many different materials. From aluminum, steel, iron, iron, stainless steel to mica, glass (rarer) . in which aluminum is the most preferred because of its fast heat dissipation, light weight, beautiful color.

Most of the cases made from aluminum belong to the high-end line and are the pride of the famous professional manufacturers such as CoolerMaster, LianLi, Antec . Please familiarize yourself with some extremely attractive products. and is becoming the dream of many computer users at home and abroad.

1. CoolerMaster WaveMaster

+ Size: 540mm / 198mm / Height 458mm
+ Weight: 7.8 kg.
+ Material: Aluminum Alloy.
+ Support motherboard type: ATX; twelfth
+ Fan: Two 80 * 80 * 80mm fans on the front, One 80 * 80 * 25mm fan at the back.

WaveMaster has a beauty radiating from the material and style. The whole case is made of aluminum, this is a rare thing that manufacturers dare to do because aluminum is quite soft and difficult to process. Although the case components are made from 3mm thick aluminum panels, the overall weight is still very light. The elegance exudes from the curving shape, not depending on the decorative pattern or the light as often seen in the cheap lines.

The PowerLed LED is designed to be hidden behind a block of steel with the CoolerMaster logo looking quite mysterious and especially beautiful in the dark. The back of the lamp is a layer of air grilles and two 80mm fans that ensure a cool air flow is inserted into the case continuously. This is an indispensable condition for modern systems that often have graphics cards and high-speed processors.

With peripheral communication issues, conventional case manufacturers put a board with USB ports, IEE1394, the sound in the front helps users not with the back. CoolerMaster also chose to put the solution on the top of the case via an adapter.

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The shell size of WaveMaster is quite impressive, giving users a spacious space to manipulate and arrange strings. The four compartments with a height of 1 inch will allow any type of hard disk including SCSI to be perfectly fitted. Another unique feature that WaveMaster has is the ability to remove the entire tray to keep the mainboard out.

2. CoolerMaster Ammo 533

+ Size: 485mm / Width 215mm / Height 460mm
+ Weight: 10 kg.
+ Material: Aluminum Alloy + SECC.
+ Support motherboard type: ATX 12, Micro ATX.
+ Fan: 1 x Front fan 120x120x25 mm 1200 rpm, 22 dBA (Case included); 1 x Rear fan 12 cm / 9 cm / 8 cm
+ Accessories: USB 2.0 x 2, IEEE1394 x 1, MIC x 1, SPK x 1

One of the special designs of Ammo 533 that you can easily recognize is the design of two Power - Reset buttons. These two buttons are colored and have a transparent protective cover. In addition, the handle on the top of the case will also help you move the entire block easily.

Both sides as well as the edges are equipped with aluminum "armor" layer for impact resistance during transport. Peripheral communication ports are placed on the right side of the case, including audio minijack, Firewire 1394 and 2 USB 2.0 slots.

A great feature of this product when installing the hardware is the front wires such as Power, Reset, LED . bundled into a single package. Important plugs such as USB or IEEE1394 are bundled into blocks to allow for fast plugs, not messy like normal cases. The front-facing audio cable, designed in accordance with Intel's HD Audio Azalia standard, allows users to enjoy great sound as desired by the manufacturer.

The slogan that CoolerMaster puts on their new Ammo 533 toy is "Are you ready for battle?". Its appearance will make you imagine the tank trucks that are always facing tough challenges. In the technical aspect, assembling case components is very simple and does not encounter any problems even for large graphics cards.

120mm fans always keep every component temperature at a safe level. With the current price of about US $ 92, Ammo 533 is really a great choice for connoisseurs.

3. CoolerMaster Centurion 532

+ Size: 495mm Length / Width 235mm / Height 460mm
+ Weight: 10 kg.
+ Material: Aluminum Bezel + SECC.
+ Support motherboard type: ATX 12, Micro ATX.
+ Fan: A 120mm LED fan inlet on the front / 120mm fan mount to the rear)

The main material for the case is aluminum and extremely alloyed steel which definitely helps to lower the product's cost to a normal level instead of using all the expensive aluminum. The number of drive bays is always one of the decisive factors for case quality and the Centurion 532 has 5.25 "compartments for optical drives and size compatible toys.

Two 3.5 "compartments for soft drives, zip drives, or memory card readers. Your hard disks will fit into four 3.5-compartments hidden inside the case. Thus, the total drive bay of this product is up to 10 and more than enough for any user in the present time.

The upper part of Centurion 532 is fully equipped with important communications including 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 IEEE-1394 port and Microphone jack / Headphone. The left side of the case gives users 2 different options.

You can display all your device content with UV light, LCD RAM like Corsair Expert or graphics card with pit-water cooling system is amazing. In the case of using high-speed high-temperature devices for heavy work or new generation 3D games, you can request the type of lid with the heat sink and 38 ° C standard air vents of Intel proposed.

Regardless of the type of cover, your entire device is still cooled by two 120mm fans, one on the front and the other at the rear.

At a price of about US $ 125, the CoolerMaster Centurion 532 is a perfect choice for those who are always interested in their work system and want to find a brand-name product in the affordable price range.

Today, the computer case is like a car, you can manually edit, decorate or simply buy a beautiful original product. Just a few years ago, a white or black computer case now had all kinds of colors for any hobby.

The types of pre-designed cases are usually beautiful but most do not match the needs and equipment of each computer, each user. Although the market price of case products is still high compared to Chinese-made products or domestically produced, but once you dare to spend money, you will receive a very worthy item and owners. These "beauties" can be really proud to introduce their computers to others.

Nguyen Thuc Hoang Linh