Compare the current best 3 microwave oven prices: Sharp, Panasonic, LG

What is the difference between Sharp, Panasonic and LG microwave ovens? Are the microwave oven prices much different? Should I choose a microwave oven that is good, the most reasonable price?

In this article, will compare the price of microwave ovens from the current top 3 brands, Sharp, Panasonic and LG, to help you easily choose a product with the most reasonable price!

Microwave oven is a versatile kitchen tool, in addition to defrosting and heating food, the microwave is increasingly equipped with many modern features to help you process a variety of dishes without wasting time. power such as steaming, baking, automatic cooking . There are many microwave oven makers in the market, including Sharp, Panasonic and LG, which are highly appreciated and favored by consumers. . So what is the special characteristic of microwave ovens from these brands? Let's find out now!

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Evaluation of Sharp, Panasonic, LG microwave ovens

Sharp microwave oven

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Sharp microwave oven has many modern technologies.

Sharp is a household electronics brand from Japan, established in 1912 and is a big name in the field of manufacturing kitchen appliances such as electric rice cooker, oven, blender, cupboard. cold.

With the microwave oven product line, Sharp has launched about 50 products in the market of mechanical microwaves , electronic microwave ovens, superheated microwave ovens and dedicated microwave ovens. restaurant Hotel.

Sharp microwave oven with a variety of capacities ( 19 - 32 liters ), capacity ( 800 - 2,850W ) and is applied with many modern technologies (depending on products) such as J-Tech Inverter power saving technology ; Healsio technology of salt heat reduction, fat reduction, minimizing the oxidation of food; convection baking technology ; non-oil frying technology . so the oven is very energy efficient and has a variety of cooking modes, extremely convenient automatic cooking menus.

Another advantage not to be missed by Sharp microwave is the compact, modern design, elegant color, high quality materials, safe for health and easy to clean, bilingual English - Vietnamese control panel. convenient, suitable for all users.

Panasonic microwave oven

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Panasonic high-end microwave oven.

Panasonic is also from Japan, has a long history of formation and development since 1918 and is also a familiar name for Vietnamese consumers when it comes to buying kitchen products such as multipurpose grinders and pots. hydropower, electric rice cooker, microwave oven .

Compared to Sharp, the number of Panasonic microwave ovens is not as rich as when the company has just launched less than 20 product models; However, Panasonic's products are also very diversified ( microwave oven , microwave oven , microwave oven convection ), capacity ( 20 - 32 liters ) . However In general, Panasonic mainly focuses on high-end multi-function microwave oven with grill, steaming and convection and integrating modern energy-saving Inverter technology.

Panasonic microwaves have the advantage of a luxurious, compact design, a large kiln, high-quality materials and especially a variety of automatic cooking modes (steaming, baking, frying, etc.), mode Quick cooking for 30 seconds , dual cooking mode . helps bring comfortable moments in the kitchen for housewives.

LG microwave oven

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Compact LG microwave oven for small family.

LG is a brand of household electronics from Korea, founded in 1958. LG and LG have a younger age compared to Sharp and Panasonic, but LG's achievements are not inferior.

Currently LG has released about 7 models of microwave ovens. LG microwave oven is characterized by a capacity not too large, usually only fluctuating in the range of 20-23 liters , microwave power of 700-800W should be suitable for small families of 3-4 members. Despite its small capacity, LG microwave ovens are often equipped with submerged quartz heating rods in the furnace compartment to increase the furnace area, cook 75% faster than normal and safe, protect hands from burns when take food out of the oven; At the same time, the oven is coated with Easy Clean coating to avoid food, grease adherent to clean quickly and easily.

Some of the outstanding technologies on LG microwave ovens include I-wave warming technology, defrosting food evenly from all sides, from the inside out thanks to the flexible wave direction and heat reflection from the cavity. furnace, energy saving technology with Eco On function .

Compare prices of microwave Sharp, Panasonic, LG

On the current market, Sharp microwave prices range from 1.2 to 10.8 million dong ; Panasonic microwave oven prices fluctuate in the range of 2 - 12.6 million dong , LG microwave price ranges from 1.4 to 3.3 million dong .

Microwave prices depend heavily on the capacity, capacity and technologies applied by the manufacturer to the product. The larger the product, the greater the capacity, the more automatic mode, the more diverse the features and the modern technology will be, the higher the price.

In general, with the same capacity, capacity and function, Sharp microwave oven has the cheapest price, while Panasonic microwave oven has the highest price.

Therefore, if you want to buy a popular microwave oven while still ensuring quality and can experience many modern features, you can choose Sharp; If you need a microwave with a modern design, without too many features, you can choose LG; If you want a high-end microwave, choose Panasonic.

You can refer to the price list of the above types of microwave oven according to the most popular capacities so that you can easily choose this product more :


Microwave prices by brand

Sharp microwave oven

Panasonic microwave oven

LG microwave oven

20 liter microwave oven

1.3 - 3.4 million VND

2 - 2.4 million VND

1.4 - 2.4 million VND

23 liter microwave oven

1, 7 - 3 million VND

2.8 - 4.7 million VND

VND 2 - 2.8 million

25 liter microwave oven

2,3 - 4 million VND

2,3 - 2,8 million VND


32 liter microwave oven

3.8 - 4, 6 million VND

4.9 - 5.4 million


Hopefully, the reviews, comparisons of prices, quality, models . of the above types of Sharp, Panasonic and LG microwave ovens have partly helped you feel no longer too difficult when choosing to buy for your family. My family is a microwave oven for food processing, especially when Tet is approaching.

If you want to buy genuine, good quality microwave oven with the most preferential price, you can order online at website or contact Hanoi hotline number - TP. HCM for advice and support for the fastest purchase.

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