Compare Apple Watch aluminum Apple Watch stainless steel case

Although titanium and ceramic versions have appeared from the Series 2 to 6 of the Apple Watch, aluminum and stainless steel are still the most sold versions and have received a lot of controversy from users.

The technical features of both versions are subject to minor changes, but other features such as durability, weight and style starting price differ significantly.

If you are in a situation where you don't know which of the two better options is better, here is a detailed guide to help you with your search.


Compared with stainless steel, the aluminum case can be easily scratched or dented because it is softer than stainless steel. However, this is not a big deal as it is still quite difficult to break the aluminum case in the event of a collision.

If you consider the appearance of minor scratches and wear, aluminum tends to have the advantage. The aluminum case is not scratch resistant, but it has a glossy, matte finish, which ensures that minor scratches cannot be seen on the watch.

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Stainless steel is much harder than aluminum, thus preventing it from cracking or breaking on impact. This makes the material more durable, especially for use in sports or other forms of physical activity.

However, its glossy appearance makes it susceptible to minor scratches and microscopic abrasions. Luckily, the scratches aren't too obvious if it's the blue version, though they stand out pretty much if your watch is silver.

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Fingerprints are also more prominent on the shiny stainless steel surface. You can get around this by using an extra case for your Apple Watch.


On average, stainless steel is two and a half times thicker than aluminum, making it heavier than the rest of the model. When you compare the Apple Watch Series 6, the stainless steel is about 10 grams heavier than the aluminum version, 52.8 grams versus 42.4 grams on the 42mm version.

If you don't like the heavy feel on the wrist or if you have small wrists, aluminum is the best choice for you. Lighter mass is also beneficial if you are an athlete or exercise regularly.

The display screen

The stainless steel Apple Watch comes with a sapphire crystal display. This is a hard and strong material, helping the screen to be well protected and highly resistant to scratches. Sapphire crystal can only be broken by a material as hard as diamond.

Aluminum Apple Watch uses Ion-X toughened glass, not as strong as sapphire glass, so it is susceptible to large cracks.


The stainless steel Apple Watch is a better choice when compared to the aluminum version. It has a shiny, sparkling surface with an aesthetically pleasing finish. If you are a fan of casual watches or want something visually beautiful, the stainless steel version is perfect for you.

On the other hand, the aluminum Apple Watch is equally eye-catching. If you prefer a more shiny matte finish, you should opt for the aluminum Apple Watch instead.


For the aluminum Apple Watch, you can choose from either GPS or both GPS and cellular, while the stainless steel Apple Watch has only 1 GPS and cellular data option.

The GPS-only watch allows you to receive calls and texts when connected to your iPhone via Wifi or Bluetooth. The watch has GPS and cellular data allowing you to access features with or without your iPhone. Series 6 enables streaming of Apple Music and Podcasts over GPS and cellular network.

To use cellular data benefits on Apple Watch, you'll have to pay for the monthly plan. With that, the availability of the GPS and cellular options automatically increases the price of the stainless steel Apple Watch, even if you opt out of the feature.

You can choose the GPS-only version for the aluminum Apple Watch and not pay for the monthly plan. Apple Watch prices will also be lower than stainless steel due to the lack of options.


Prices vary by watch line, but mostly people compare aluminum and stainless steel Apple Watch models. The aluminum versions are relatively cheaper than the stainless steel versions.

For the Apple Watch Series 3, the lowest price for the aluminum Apple Watch is $ 119. The cheapest stainless steel version is available for $ 469.

For the Series 6, the lowest price for the aluminum Apple Watch is $ 399 and the stainless steel price is $ 699.


Along with a good collection of Apple Watch straps, the case also comes in some nice color options, suitable for all ages.

As for the Series 6, the aluminum Apple Watch comes in more colors. It's available in red, blue, gray, silver, and gold, while the stainless steel Apple Watch is limited to gold, silver, and Graphite blue.


The aluminum Apple Watch charging pin is made of plastic. This is thicker than the stainless steel charging pad for the sleek, stainless steel model.

Summary: Should I buy an aluminum or stainless steel Apple Watch?

There are many factors to consider when deciding which one to buy, and both materials have pros and cons that suit each person's personal preferences.

If you want a cheap, colorful, matte finish with minimal scratches and a lightweight Apple Watch, then the aluminum version is perfect for you. This is also a more economical option if you want to upgrade every year.

If you're willing to invest more money in a sleek, sleek Apple Watch with a classic design, high-strength materials and heavier weight, choose the stainless steel version.