How to get your kids excited about coding

Kids and computer coding – not necessarily something you'd consider a classic pairing, but we no longer live in classic times.

Today, younglings are picking up complex tech earlier and learning it quicker than ever, to the extent now that your average pre-pubescent child is likely to be just as, if not more, clued in on the fundamentals of contemporary technology than your typical Millennial, Gen-Xer or Baby Boomer. 

With society more reliant on computing than ever, and the best career prospects coming out of school increasingly being found in the IT sector, getting your kids into the world of programming early can not only be a fun and rewarding process, but, with the future in mind, an extremely useful one, too. 

Today's question is – how do you best go about helping your little ones take their first steps into the seemingly highly complex and perceivably dull world of coding? 

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It's not just the 'boring' stuff 

If you're here reading this article, you, like us, likely know how challenging and gratifying programming can be. Likewise, you're probably well aware of the excitement and wonder that lies beyond the 'nerdy' fascia of STEM subjects. Young children, however, don't, and the prospect of getting into complicated coding, on the face of things at least, doesn't often appeal more than game of FIFA or scrolling through endless Tik-Toks. 

Where kids are concerned, the key sell on basic coding is that it's about so much more than the traditionally less appealing maths and science elements. With countless advanced, highly capable and pick-up-and-playable programming starter kits available today, early coding experiences can include anything from creating and playing games to making robots and developing simulators. 

With the average child more likely to respond well to the idea of installing their very own video game rather than learning the ropes of binary code, make sure you let your kids know the extent of the programming possibilities available to them straight off the bat. 

Turn it into a bonding exercise 

Another stereotype standing in your way could be the introverted association to coding, but screen and tech time needn't be alone time. Far from it, in fact, and you can make an introduction to coding a family affair, even a nu-wave bonding experience for you and your miniature tech rascals. 

You're a role model to your kids, and if you're passionate about programming, it's likely they'll want to copy mum or dad in what they're doing. So, code together, have some fun and make some memories along the way. 

Make it accessible

It's never been easier to get into coding, but that doesn't mean it's not still a complex subject at its core. Make sure their first steps into their new potential hobby are child friendly – you can buy and download tech and apps specifically designed to help introduce kids into programming, and use interactive tools that will help that enjoy what they're doing and minimise their chances of getting frustrated. 

Likewise, with the versatility of basic coding as rich as it currently is, you can incorporate their interests into a coding/STEM lesson. Just look at how music can be mixed with mathematics or how cooking can be improved with science as examples of great crossovers. 

So, kids and computer coding – is there a more iconic duo? With what the future has in store, possibly not.