How to delete download history on Android

Clearing your Android download history will clean up storage space on your device, remove unnecessary content, and avoid Android storage space to be full.

When users download files on Android devices, all files downloaded from images, videos, apk files are saved in a separate section. Or when you download applications, games from the Google Play Store are also saved and made into a list. Very few people pay attention to the file download list, so the download history is more and more, also taking up some of the device's memory capacity. If so, you should delete the download file history on Android. The following article will guide you how to delete downloaded file history on Android.

1. Instructions to delete file download history on Android

On Android smartphones, there is a Download application to manage all downloaded files. We access this application and then press and hold on a file. Next, select all files and click the trash icon to delete.

Note this download manager has many other names, depending on the device you are using.

2. Clear download history on Chrome Android

Open Chrome browser on Android, then tap the 3-dot icon and select Downloaded file . Then users will see the file downloaded to Chrome browser, press and hold on the file and select the trash icon to delete.

3. Clear download history on Google Play Store

In the interface of Google Play Store, click on the 3 dashes icon and select My Apps and Games . Next move to Library section to see the list of games and downloaded applications. Click the X to agree to delete from your Library.