How to clean your laptop screen correctly from the start

How to properly clean a laptop screen not only brings durability but also increases your experience when using your laptop. Check out this article for tips on how to clean your screen right from the start.

Cleaning your laptop screen properly not only helps you ensure the durability of the device but also provides a better viewing experience, clearly observing the content displayed on the screen. So do you know how to clean your laptop screen properly? Please follow the following content for detailed instructions from TipsMake.

Why must clean the laptop screen?

The laptop screen is the part that often accumulates the most dirt and can cling to the user's fingerprints during use. Therefore, after a period of use, the screen will become dimmer, reducing your viewing experience. 

Not only that, if you do not clean your computer screen , dirt and fingerprints will stick more and more thickly on the screen, thereby causing yellow stains to appear, causing the quality of the screen to decrease. If foreign objects stay on the screen for too long, it can also cause screen cracking.

Therefore, learning how to clean your computer screen not only helps you improve the aesthetics of your device but also improves your computer vision, helping you see more clearly. In addition, keeping the screen clean and free of dirt or foreign objects also maintains the durability of the device.

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Tools need to be prepared before cleaning the laptop screen

Cleaning and wiping the computer screen can be done at home without having to take it to a store. And you should prepare the following tools: 

  1. Using a microfiber towel (a soft towel that does not shed fibers when used) to clean the laptop screen helps you wipe off dust and dirt on the screen without leaving lint behind.
  2. Buy a specialized solution to clean the screen or you can make your own mixture of this cleaning solution using water and white vinegar in a 1:1 ratio.
  3. If you don't have a microfiber towel, you can also use a sponge to remove highly sticky stains on the screen.
  4. Prepare additional dust blowers and adhesive tape. The dust blower has the effect of blowing away dust and dirt in places that cannot be cleaned, such as in the screen grooves. The adhesive tape helps you remove dirt from the screen easily.

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Some notes before cleaning the laptop screen

After you have prepared all the tools, you need to clearly understand the following notes before TipsMake guides you on how to clean your laptop screen.

  1. You must turn off the computer power to ensure your own safety during the operation.
  2. Do not choose a computer screen cleaning solution of unknown origin or mix a cleaning solution with too strong a concentration. You may want to clean your screen optimally, but this will lead to premature screen failure.
  3. Do not use too much force when cleaning because it may affect the pixels on the screen and reduce color quality, affecting image display and your usage experience.
  4. Say no to spraying water directly on the screen, just dampen the cloth before wiping. Because when spraying water directly on the screen, small water jets can penetrate the circuit board inside and cause damage. 

Simple way to clean laptop screen

Below are 2 simple ways to clean your computer screen that you can refer to and do at home:

Dry cleaning

First, you need to dry clean the screen by following these 2 steps:

Step 1: Use adhesive tape to remove stubborn stains and fingerprints on the screen surface.

Step 2: Use the prepared microfiber towel to slowly and gently wipe the screen to remove common dirt.

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Wet cleaning

After completing the 2 dry cleaning steps, you start wet cleaning the screen with a specialized solution for 2 different types of screens: Clean the mirror screen and clean the rough surface screen.

For mirror screen

Mirror-coated screens are covered with a layer of mirror that creates high reflection and gloss for the screen, making images and colors appear more beautiful. 

This screen is often used on Macbook, iMac and ultra-thin laptops. When using these types of devices, cleaning a laptop screen includes 2 steps as follows:

Step 1: Spray a sufficient amount of cleaning solution onto the microfiber towel just enough to moisten the towel.

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Step 2: Use a damp cloth to wipe the entire screen with moderate force, do not wipe too hard. Then wait for the screen to dry, then use a dry microfiber towel to wipe it again.

For matte screen

A matte screen is a type of screen that has a certain roughness with good anti-glare and anti-glare effects. These types of screens are often used with laptops using the Windows operating system and other types of separate computer screens. 

How to clean this computer screen includes 3 steps as follows:

Step 1: Wet the sponge with warm water and squeeze it until it's completely dry, then apply a little screen cleaning solution on it.

Step 2: Use that sponge to clean the screen in certain directions. Note that you should not wipe in a clockwise direction, because then the screen will not be cleaned well. 

Step 3: Use a dry microfiber towel to wipe the screen again and you're done.

Tips for keeping the screen less dusty

In addition to sharing how to properly clean your laptop screen , TipsMake also wants to share with you storage tips to minimize dust on the screen.

  1. You should completely eliminate eating habits when using a laptop to avoid dirtying the screen and to avoid food crumbs falling on the keyboard, causing the keyboard to become unresponsive.
  2. You should use a screen protector to minimize dust accumulation and support the process of cleaning the laptop screen simpler and faster.
  3. You should regularly dry clean the screen about every 2-3 days and wet clean it with a specialized cleaning solution every 2 weeks.


Above are TipsMake's shares on how to properly clean laptop screens and tips to help you keep your computer screen dust-free. If you have any other questions, please contact us for specific instructions.