Facebook traffic dropped 50 million hours a day, Mark said, okay

That is, each person lost about 2.1 minutes a day.

Facebook's fourth-quarter business report showed that Facebook's usage time - the number that brought in revenue for the giant - has dropped by about 50 million hours a day. Facebook currently has 2.13 billion users a month and 1.4 billion people active every day, that is, each person reduces about 2.1 minutes per day.

But Zuckerberg says this is good because they are focusing on meaningful interactions with users, not just the time they use Facebook. 'Focusing on meaningful interactions, I hope our time for Facebook will be more valuable,' Mark said.

Facebook shares then fell nearly 5% but after an hour-long call with Mark Zuckerberg investors, the price increased by 2%. Site traffic is actually not all. Facebook ad revenue came from real clicks and they still had a profit of $ 4.26 billion in the last quarter of 2017. This year, Facebook's mobile ad revenue accounted for 89% of total ad revenue.

Facebook traffic dropped 50 million hours a day, Mark said, okay Picture 1
2017 is a pretty tough year for the social networking giant

However, these numbers are still a warning because the page access time is a simple, easy-to-calculate number, easy to compare with other pages, which is the number that advertisers and investors look at. go to evaluate the importance of Facebook.

Facebook has said it will calculate and track this index. But how 'meaningful interaction' will be calculated is unclear. They are also investigating what is 'meaningful' to decide how to display the News Feed. But it is not known if they will share this index outside.

Another question is whether the aforementioned decline is entirely due to Facebook's own changes or external factors, indicating their business is going down.

With Mark may be okay (at least from what he said) but for advertisers and investors, this is definitely not a good sign.

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