Why do so many people addicted to squeeze foam?

The slightly tiny bubbles turned out to be able to affect nerves in an unexpected way.

Looking at the picture below, everyone must guess what this is, this kind of foam (called Bubble Wrap) may have been attached for a long time to many people, because in addition to protecting and protecting household appliances, furniture fragile, electronic devices from scratches and scratches, it is also a favorite toy of many people, so far most of them are still very excited when squeezing this bubble to hear the explosion. emit.

Why do so many people addicted to squeeze foam? Picture 1

However, recent information from Sealed Air, the company specializing in Bubble Wrap production, said they will create a new version of the foam will not detonate as before. This also means that the addicted believers are about to say goodbye to the old version and will not have the opportunity to return to their childhood with this product, which makes many people regret it.

So why is squeezing the foam a bit so popular with so many people?

Why do so many people addicted to squeeze foam? Picture 2

This sponge was the first invention of Sealed Air Corporation in 1960. These steamed foams consist of many air bags, as small as fingertips, each time we squeeze this slightly we will hear Tiny explosions make you feel excited and somewhat pleasant.

The squeeze is a bit like this, there are many similarities, with what we often do when we sadly shake our hands and feet, turn our fingers together, press the tip of the ballpoint pen, or recently use the fidget spinner.

Why do so many people addicted to squeeze foam? Picture 3

Many recent studies have shown that repetitive actions are nothing, simply helping to increase concentration, reduce stress and remember information better.

There are many assumptions made to explain why squeezing foam is beneficial for the nerve. One of these hypotheses suggests that this originates from the ancient people, when we humans are still living with nature hunting and gathering.

Why do so many people addicted to squeeze foam? Picture 4

Every time we go hunting, our ancestors must face dangerous predators, causing human nerves to face a sense of fear and tension. These accumulated energy will cause the muscles to "freeze" and it will only release when they escape the enemy or defeat them.

And these characteristics have been passed on to people today. In modern life, when we are in a state of fear and stress, we will need to release energy, and squeezing a bubble is one of those measures.