What is Apple GPT?

Apple GPT is Apple's long-rumored AI chatbot that could one day appear on all of its devices.

Apple GPT is Apple's long-rumored AI chatbot that could one day appear on all of its devices. Currently, "Apple GPT" exists as an internal project led by the engineering and privacy team involved in the prototype it is developing. This article looks at what Apple GPT is and what you can expect if it is released in some form next year.

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History of Apple GPT

Apple devices and features like Siri, Apple Maps, search, and even the Vision Pro mixed reality headset have benefited from the gradual introduction of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). But Apple has never had a chatbot that could become a direct tool for users. The new development comes from OpenAI's ChatGPT, which has opened the door to many Generative AI applications such as Bing Chat and Google Bard.

Apple is famous for creating hype around its announcements and then using it to build anticipation. Away from the noise surrounding ChatGPT, reports have emerged about the increasing pace of AI development. Bloomberg revealed that the Cupertino-based giant is developing a Generative AI chatbot called "Apple GPT" (for want of a better name), but has not yet decided on how to release it to the public. Apple itself is less forthcoming with specific details.

Some clues have emerged that help us guess what Apple GPT will be and whether it will be on the list of Generative AI tools we use every day.

How will Apple GPT work?

Until now, Apple GPT only existed as an internal Generative AI chatbot for Apple engineers. Bloomberg reports that the chatbot works like Bard, ChatGPT and Bing AI. It is being trained on its large language model so that engineers can prototype features and use it to summarize text and answer questions in their daily workflow.

Apple's AI framework, Ajax, is built on top of Google Jax, the search giant's machine learning framework. Apple uses Ajax to create a proprietary Large Language Model (LLM) that runs on Google Cloud, just like the iCloud service. LLM is a tool that allows Generative AI chatbots to converse like humans and generate new content, such as text, images or music.

What will Apple GPT be used for?

Tim Cook has said that the company will continue to add AI capabilities to its devices while adhering to a caution-first approach.

"We see AI has huge potential and will continue to incorporate it into our products in a very thoughtful way."

Apple does not often use the term AI in its communications. Even during WWDC 23, Apple still loved "machine learning" and how it improved its products. Here are a few highlights from Apple's announcement:

  1. Machine Learning uses a transformative language model, helping to predict keyboard text more accurately than ever on iOS.
  2. The Journal app in iOS 17 will use on-device Machine Learning to provide personalized reminders of moments to inspire your reflection.
  3. Machine Learning will help you automatically fill in names, addresses, and emails from your contacts into PDF forms (scanned or online).
  4. Apple Watch displays widgets in the Smart Stack to show you relevant information at a glance.
  5. Responsive audio learns your listening preferences and delivers the best possible audio experience.

So, Apple's AI strategy has been in place for several years across its devices, and Apple GPT can easily be involved in current and future projects. Apple's voice assistant, Siri, can be a clear interface for chatbot-like interaction. It will also become part of a new health coaching service called Quartz, which uses AI to personalize plans, and Apple's long-term electric vehicle (Project Titan).

Finally, it can be assumed that Apple GPT may not be a separate product like Google Bard, Bing Chat or ChatGPT and thus may not be called Apple GPT by the time it appears on all devices. Apple devices and services. But it will become a part of every Apple user's life.