What happens when 'cooking' air bags with a microwave oven?

Do not for any reason give other things like light bulbs, phones and especially airbags in cars to turn to try in the microwave. You will not be able to anticipate its dangerous consequences.

A microwave oven is a kitchen tool commonly found in families used to heat food. But don't for any reason give other things to the test in the microwave, such as light bulbs, phones and especially airbags in cars. For reasons, please watch the video posted by the famous YouTube channel The Slo-Mo Guys for answers.

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In this test, the Slo-Mo Guys guys use a microwave with an old rotating button to adjust it first and plug in the remote trigger instead of using a modern microwave oven that must be plugged in. and then adjust with the button can be because this case is extremely dangerous.

They put airbags into the microwave and recorded what happened with the Phantom Flex 4K high-speed camera. When plugged in, the microwave door was blown away, splashed into the wooden fence, causing it to shake. The whole process is recorded at 2,500 frames per second.

If you do not know the results and prepare in advance, from what happens in the video you can also imagine what the hell would happen if the user stood in front of the microwave. Therefore, for the safety of family and self, do not put anything in the microwave outside food.